Podcast Spotlight: Do You Love True Crime? Then Give a Listen to ‘Crime Junkie’

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Welcome to this month’s podcast spotlight!

Being the true-crime nerd that I am, I wanted to put the spotlight on one of my recent favorite podcasts I’ve been listening to a lot called Crime Junkie. 

Crime Junkie was started and is hosted by lifelong best friends Ashley Flowers and Brit Prawat, both from Indianapolis Indiana. Each week tackling a different case about murders, serial killers, wanted and missing persons – like Israel Keyes. They usually focus on some lesser-known cases, such as the Delphi Murders of Liberty Germa and Abigail Williams. 

The first Crime Junkie episode aired December 17, 2017, since then has released over 115 episodes. New episodes are airing every Monday. Flowers and Prawat record the episodes at Ashley’s home, and Ashley’s brother, David, helps to edit them. Their production company name is Audiochuck, which was named after Ashley’s dog Charlie. Flowers has stated on previous episodes that she started the podcast to help an organization near and dear to her, Crime Stoppers of Central Indiana, an organization Flowers has worked with in the past.

Are you wondering if you are a fellow Crim Junkie? Well, they have a blurb about that on their website

“You are obsessed with all things crime related. It started out as a general interest, but now you have this true-crime-shaped-hole in your life that no amount of radio segments, podcasts, or documentaries can fill. And the more true crime media you consume, the more you crave it.

You’re the one at the gym looking inconspicuous running to stories about murder instead of music like a normal human. You’re the one telling your friends “fun facts” about the most notorious murder that took place in the city you’re visiting when all they want to talk about is where they’re getting dinner. You don’t read anymore because you’ve already consumed all the good mystery books, and freaking Gillian Flynn is just living her life and not thinking about your needs! (Sorry Gillian, I miss you.) You do a thorough internet search on all potential friends and or lovers and get a little bummed out when you don’t find anything juicy. And you’re pretty sure you missed your true life’s calling to be a detective.

Yep, you are a Junkie!

One of my favorite episodes would have to be the one that Britt hosted titled, “If I Go Missing: Tonya Rider” -spoiler alert it does have a happy ending! Britt talks about Tonya Rider’s story, who went missing after she had missed two shifts at her job and about her husband’s determination to find her. This episode is one of my favorites because Flowers and Prawat give you the breakdown of what they include in their personal “If I Go Missing” folders that were inspired by the events in this episode. You can get a template emailed to you for an “If I Go Missing” folder of your own here.

For more information about the podcast, episodes, merchandise, sign up for their newsletter or fan club, you can check out the Crime Junkie websiteCrime Junkie is available on Apple PodcastsSpotify, and other places you listen to your podcasts.

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