Saturday, April 1, 2023

‘Violet’ with Rob Benedict, Olivia Munn, and Luke Bracey to Premiere at SXSW

MOVIES'Violet' with Rob Benedict, Olivia Munn, and Luke Bracey to Premiere at...

If you’re a reader of Nerds and Beyond, you know that one of our faves is Rob Benedict. Last year, we learned he’d be in a film titled Violet, from Justine Bateman. The two had previously worked together on Bateman’s short film, Five Minutes.

Courtesy of ‘Violet’

Now, Bateman gets ready for a feature-length film in Violet with Olivia Munn, Luke Bracey, Justin Theroux, Bonnie Bedelia, Zach Gordon, and Erica Ash.

VIOLET follows “Violet Morton,” a 32 year-old film executive who is living her life listening to this “Voice,” resulting in fear-based decisions. She has made these decisions to avoid potential “worst-case scenarios” in her romantic life, her family life, and her professional life, and they have taken her away from who she really is. She has grown accustomed to this, to not being quite “herself,” and sees nothing amiss, until a friend’s comment makes her realize that The Voice has been lying to her. Her entire life.

SXSW announced that Violet will make it’s world premiere at the festival. You can find out more about the film and SXSW at SXSW’s website here.

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