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Marvel’s ‘What If…?’ to Be Split Into Multiple Seasons; Season 2 Confirmed

TELEVISIONDISNEY+Marvel's 'What If...?' to Be Split Into Multiple Seasons; Season 2 Confirmed
Image courtesy of Marvel Studios.

Marvel’s new Disney+ animated series, What If…?, is the first Marvel show to be confirmed for a second season. Back in August at the D23 Expo, it was first reported that What If…? would have 23 episodes, with each episode focusing on different aspects from the movies. We now know that these episodes will be spread over at least two seasons.

What If…?, created by Marvel Studios is an animated anthology series based off the comic series of the same name and explores how things could have happened differently in key moments of the Marvel Universe. The writers can create a number of storylines by changing one aspect of the story and altering the course of our favorite character’s lives in a new universe.

The first season, expected to be released mid-2021, will kick off with a Peggy Carter centered episode where it looks like her and Steve Rogers’ story end up on different paths then we are accustomed to — we’ll see Peggy Carter take the Super-Soldier Serum and become Captain Britain!

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Even though we are still left in the dark on what the other nine episodes will feature during the first season, Marvel Studios’ boss, Kevin Feige, has already confirmed with Buzzfeed Brasil at CCXP that the team is working on a second season with at least 10 episodes.

Before What If…? comes out, Disney+ will be releasing six episodes of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier in late 2020, six episodes of WandaVision in early 2021, and six episodes of Loki in early 2021.

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