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Nerds Get Cheery: Spread Cheer With Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas

MOVIESNerds Get Cheery: Spread Cheer With Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas

Welcome to day six of Nerds Get Cheery. All month long we will be bringing you our favorite holiday movies, both new and old, to get into the spirit of the season. Today’s movie we bring some Disney holiday cheer with Mickey and the gang in Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas. 

Image courtesy of Disney

This 1999 direct to video release follows Mickey Mouse and his friends in three different stories. The first story is entitled, “Donald Duck: Stuck on Christmas”. Which Donald’s nephews Huey, Dewy and Louie are reliving Christmas over and over again (Groundhog Day anyone?). In the end, the boys realize that there is more than just receiving gifts.  The Narrator (Kelsey Grammar), states that even though Christmas can’t always be here, it’s the feeling that you create is what will always stay with you.

Image courtesy of Disney

Next is “A Very Goofy Christmas”, in which Goofy tries to overcome his son’s skepticism about Santa Claus. This story has been one of the more controversial stories told as far as the Santa story as early movie watchers are concerned. However, what I enjoyed most about this story is the help that Goofy and Max give to another family in need by helping out when they need it most.

Image courtesy of Disney
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Finally, the movie ends with the story “Mickey & Minnie’s Gift Of The Magi” which recreates the classic tale of ironic Christmas selflessness and purchasing gifts for others before yourself and that you will do anything for the ones you love.

Overall, what I love most about this movie is that within the three various stories they give positive messages about love, caring, selflessness, the spirit of the holidays and the magic that it brings along with it. I recommend this Christmas movie to any family that just wants to curl up in some blankets with hot chocolate and watch together.

You can currently watch Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas on Disney+. Make sure to check back in tomorrow for another Christmas movie recommendation. Merry Christmas!

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