Reconnecting with E.T: an Extra-Terrestrial Reunion!


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Over 37 years ago Steven Spielberg’s E.T the Extra-Terrestrial debuted in theaters. This year during the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, we were given the reunion we didn’t know we needed: Xfinity reunited Elliot (Henry Thomas) with his old pal E.T.

In the 80s, E.T was lost on earth and befriended 10-year-old Elliot. With assistance from friends and family (including his sister Gertrude, played by Drew Barrymore), Elliot had to keep E.T hidden from the adults as he tried to help E.T find his way back home. Technology has changed a lot from the Speak & Spell that E.T used during his last trip to Earth! This year Elliot and his family show E.T how technology has been updated, including how to speak and watch movies!

There’s even a Reese’s Pieces cameo!

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