Thursday, March 23, 2023

‘Angel of Vine’ Season 2 Coming to iHeartPodcast in 2020!

CELEBRITIES'Angel of Vine' Season 2 Coming to iHeartPodcast in 2020!

Following their independent release in 2018, Angel of Vine’s second season will launch on iHeartPodcast in spring 2020! 

Image courtesy of “Angel of Vine”

Though focusing on a different case, this season serves as a continuation of the first, picking up in 1959 Palm Springs, California. It will reveal more of the underbelly of Los Angeles than we got to see – or rather, hear – in the fist season leading to a more “sprawling” story.

New home, new season, it only makes sense to bring on new voices. The new season will see Patton Oswald and Kevin Pollak joining Alfred Molina, Constance Zimmer, and producer Joe Manganiello on the cast for the second installment of the series.

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Angel of Vine is a noir podcast following a present-day detective as he discovers audiotapes of a 1950’s private eye who solved one of the greatest unsolved murders Hollywood has ever seen and never revealed his findings. 

Season one is available to stream now on Sticher, Apple Podcasts, PodBean, and Spotify, and season two will be available in spring 2020 on iHeartPodcast.

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