Bri is a Denver-based Hufflepuff. When they aren’t working at their full-time retail job, they enjoy participating in fandom or talking to their friends. Music, movies, and TV have been a huge staple in Bri’s life from a young age, beginning with Harry Potter then moving into other areas such as Marvel, The Hunger Games, Supernatural, The Good Place, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Queer Eye. Despite being an introvert, Bri loves traveling and attending conventions, even if they miss their cats when they’re not home. More often than not, Bri has earbuds in and music going, and is probably dancing vigorously to something only they can hear. (Sorry.) Find Bri on Twitter @aces_bri
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A Look Back at the 2010 Decade’s Pop Culture Phenomenons

Dragons, superheroes, and wizards, oh my! The last decade has brought us

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Angels Are Watching Over You: A Look Back at the Last Decade of ‘Supernatural’

As the end of the decade approaches, we’ve found ourselves reminiscing on

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New Denver Pop Culture Con Guests Announced!

Guest announcements have been flowing in this week for Denver Pop Culture

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The Full ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Trailer Is Here!

The full trailer for the final season of Schitt's Creek was released, and it

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‘The Wayward Podcast’ Goes on Tour!

Supernatural's Kim Rhodes and Briana Buckmaster are taking their podcast on the

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Photographer Chris Schmelke Launches a Sale Benefiting Random Acts

The uber-talented photographer Chris Schmelke launched a sale of his original shots

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What the Fork? Funko Adding Pop! Figures From ‘The Good Place’ Soon

This news is how we know we're not in the Bad Place.

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‘Expedition Bigfoot’ May Finally Reveal the Well-Known Cryptic Legend

Everyone knows the best way to get answers is to mix science

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‘Angel of Vine’ Season 2 Coming to iHeartPodcast in 2020!

Following their independent release in 2018, Angel of Vine's second season will launch on

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Tickets on Sale for Denver Pop Culture Con!

Tickets for Denver Pop Culture Con are now on sale! The convention

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