The Full ‘Schitt’s Creek’ Trailer Is Here!


The full trailer for the final season of Schitt’s Creek was released, and it has us wildly unprepared to say goodbye to the Roses.

Without giving anything away, the trailer teases lots of laughs and emotion. We see Johnny and Stevie continuing to build the motel’s reputation with Moira’s help, Alexis preparing to leave her family behind, and David and Patrick gearing up for their wedding. Overall, the trailer has an air of growth. From Alexis admitting she was going to miss her brother, to growing families, to (hopefully) expanding lives, our beloved characters look like they’re on quite the journey this season. Love that for them!

Schitt’s Creek follows the lives of a once-wealthy family forced to move to the small town of Schitt’s Creek. The show returns on January 7 on CBC and POP for its sixth and final season. We’ve attached the trailer below!

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