Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Interview: Matt Cohen Talks ‘Supernatural’ Convention Memories, Karaoke, Directing, Richard Speight, Jr., and More [EXCLUSIVE]

CONVENTIONSInterview: Matt Cohen Talks 'Supernatural' Convention Memories, Karaoke, Directing, Richard Speight, Jr.,...

This past weekend we attended Creation Entertainment‘s Supernatural convention in Jacksonville, Florida, where we got the opportunity to sit down with Matt Cohen for a third year in a row for an interview.

In this interview, we talked about favorite convention memories (including him running through the vendors room shirtless to promote Jensen’s album), the evolution of Friday Night karaoke, plus how directing an episode of Supernatural came about, and shadowing Richard Speight, Jr., on set and the advice he gave Matt.

It’s been amazing to watch how much Matt has come in just in a year; last year when we talked, he had finished filming Mama Bear, and since then he’s filmed two movies, Mama Bear has gone on to be part of many festivals and win many awards, he starred in The Hillywood Show’s The Umbrella Academy Parody, and he’s also now part of the Entertainment Tonight team.

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Make sure to check out Creation Entertainment’s website to get more information on their conventions, and if you get the chance to attend, go out and see Matt!


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