‘The Boys’ Shares a Flashback of a Disturbing Young Homelander

Courtesy of Amazon Prime Video/IMDb.


I will laser every f*cking one of you!

When the premiere season of Amazon Prime Video’s The Boys hit the streaming platform earlier this year, the unhinged, ruthless Homelander (portrayed by Antony Starr) was truly a standout character. Throughout the course of the season, audiences were taken down a rabbit hole as the show navigated the (in)famous Supe and his disturbing, shocking, and downright sadistic tendencies. (Fun fact: Starr is a ray of sunshine off-camera, which makes his performance that much more impressive!)

Today, Amazon and The Boys treated fans to some bonus content in the form of young Homelander. To absolutely nobody’s surprise, the adolescent Supe was just as you’d expect: small, but still evil.

Talk about a job with a high turnover rate.

Season two of The Boys, which just wrapped on production, will premiere next summer. Stay tuned for more information!


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