‘Batwoman’ Season 1, Episode 6 Recap: “I’ll Be Judge, I’ll Be Jury”

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Get ready for another amazing episode, friends!

Image Courtesy of the CW

Sunday marked the sixth episode of this season of Batwoman, and it just keeps getting better! This week’s episode was written by James Stoteraux and Chad  Fiveash. It was directed by Scott Peters. We start the episode with a recap of previous episodes that included Jacob Kane finally realizing Alice is in fact his daughter Beth. We also saw Alice and a new character, Mouse, exchanging gifts. We learned last week Mouse heavily influenced the Alice character when he gave Beth an Alice in Wonderland story book. Keep reading for our recap of this week’s episode!

We kick of the episode with a prosecutor walking and arguing with someone over the phone as a pole falls over onto his car. A stranger in an old fashioned executioner’s mask steps out of the shadows with an extremely large ax and hits a nearby fire hydrant, which makes water come out. The prosecutor realizes (a little too late) what this means, as he heads to a fence, ultimately getting halfway before the water and metal meet and electrocute him. Next, we see Jacob Kane and Kate back at Crow’s headquarters talking about Dr. Cartwright, the person who had kept Beth captive while she was a child. The conversation turns into another argument as Kate is still angry at her father for not doing more to look for Beth, even saying, “We didn’t find her.” The two are then quickly interrupted by Sophie, who came to tell Jacob Kane that there is something on television he is going to want to see.

The group is gathered around a television watching a news segment on the recent murder of Prosecutor Angus Stanton by “The Executioner.” Jacob Kane gets frustrated that they weren’t told by police and is reminded by Sophie that it is not in the Crow’s jurisdiction. Another Crow member points out that it’s also because the police already called somebody else, while showing a clip of the bat signal. This anger’s Kane, and he says he wants the murderer captured. Sophie asks for another special assignment: Batwoman. At this point, we’re pretty sure, if not convinced, that Sophie knows exactly who Batwoman is, so it brings up the question of what exactly is Sophie up to?

Next, we see Alice and Mouse together as Alice is putting final touches on a new face mask. It turns Mouse into a perfect match to Dean Deveraux, who is an employee to Catherine Hamilton, Kate’s stepmother.  The duo start to have an argument on whether or not Alice is “giving the old Beth” back to Kate. Mouse isn’t convinced that Alice is being completely honest with him after she spares the real Dean Deveraux.  After Alice tells the real Deveraux she is need of a replacement, she offers him the chance to be her new partner. Mouse relents, saying he’ll do what Alice wants, which we find out  is to steal Catherine Hamilton’s newest “toy” as Alice calls it.

The next scene we see Kate and Luke talking about how the Gotham City Police Department put out the bat signal, meaning that the city trusts Batwoman. Kate and Luke also talk about how one of the victims of The Executioner was the prosecutor that put away the person who murdered Lucius Fox, Luke’s father. Luke also brings up the fact that the murder happened on the night of his high school graduation party. Next, we see Jacob Kane, Kate, and Luke bring up the same suspect, who turns out to be a boxer named Chris “The Fist” Medlock, and Luke shows Kate a video of Medlock’s sentencing.

Quickly after, a dispatch comes through of The Executioner holding multiple hostages in an empty building. Jacob Kane and the crows get the same message and head to the same building. We hear someone saying that they’ll only talk to someone named Detective Donnelley. Donnelley mentions him and Medlock go way back. Kate, dressed as Batwoman, runs into Sophie and disguises her voice when talking to her. All of a sudden, we hear a woman screaming, and everyone runs towards the sound. Kate and Sophie get to the source and find out it’s just a recording and a trap. Detective Donnelley comes running in from an opposite direction and is caught in the trap and killed. Sophie is hit as well, and Kate comes to her aid. Before she blacks out, she says just two words: “Thanks, Kate.”

Then we see Mouse, disguised as Deveraux, still meet up with Hamilton and a group of other employees celebrating the new invention. Here, we find out the invention is a weapon that can actually penetrate the suit that Batwoman wears.

Kate and Luke are making their way out of an elevator, talking about the fact that Sophie knows that Kate is Batwoman. Luke is convinced she will tell Kate’s father, but Kate is hopeful she won’t, since she took Sophie to Mary’s underground clinic with instructions to not let her leave, saying she will deal with that after she deals with The Executioner. Luke and Kate then figure out why The Executioner is using different methods of killing. He’s using forms of capital punishment. They learn the next method he will most likely use is gas. It turns out there is only one building in the whole city that holds the type of gas The Executioner would need.

Kate, as Batwoman, goes to the warehouse for answers. She runs into a guard that says it has been quiet. Fox tells Kate that they have found Chris Medlock. We then see Medlock running down a street with a helicopter following him. The Crows eventually catch up with Medlock and take him into custody. Luke tells Kate she can convince her dad she’s not the enemy. Kate says she’s going to go check on Sophie, but then we hear screeching tires. A car, driven by The Executioner, hits Kate, and he manages to get his hands on the specific kind of gas that he needed, and it turns out Chris Medlock is the wrong guy. So who is The Executioner, and why is he doing this?

Fox quickly finds a partial license plate number and tracks it back to a former prison employee named Bertrand Eldon. Bertrand was the former executioner of Gotham City’s prison for over 20 years.

Sophie wakes up in Mary’s clinic and finds herself handcuffed to the hospital bed. Mary divulges that even though everyone thinks she’s out being a party girl, she is usually at her makeshift clinic helping people. Sophie tells Mary she knows who Batwoman is, and that’s why she had Mary keep her handcuffed.

Batwoman enters Eldon’s apartment and finds the canister that was holding the gas pellets just sitting on the coffee table. After much discussion between her and Fox, she decides to grab it. In doing so, she finds a jump drive but not gas pellets.

Back at the lair, the two plug the drive in. They see a confession from Eldon on why he’s doing what he’s doing. Eldon explains that the same three names have come up in coerced confessions and murder weapons mysteriously showing up out of nowhere. Eldon explains that over the years a lot of people that were actually innocent were executed. One of these three people was Stanton, who put Chris Medlock away for the death of Luke’s father. Naturally, this upsets Luke, because he doesn’t believe Stanton was corrupt.

Next we see Chris Medlock being turned over to the Gotham City police by the Crows. However, before anyone leaves, we see a grappling line wrap around Medlock’s arms and pull him to safety. A small weapon shaped as a bat is thrown and sticks to a van. The weapon has the flash drive with Eldon’s confession tape.

We see Alice playing checkers with the Dean, who’s being held captive. He beats Alice and causes her to flip the game in anger when she gets a call. The person on the other end of the phone is Kate, who asks why Alice sent Mouse to steal Catherine Hamilton’s weapons. As Alice is talking, Mouse steps out of the shadows, still using Kate’s voice to talk to Alice. Mouse becomes angry and feels like Alice has been hiding information from him. He then takes the gun he stole from Catherine and shoots the real Dean, telling Alice to try and keep that a secret.

In the following scene, we see Jacob Kane watching the video from the drive. He shuts it off right when Kate comes walking in. He’s not convinced either, going as far as saying that a “nut job” wants him to listen to another one. This frustrates Kate. Kane goes on to call Batwoman a criminal and blames the death of Kate’s mother and Beth turning into Alice on Batman. Kate tells Kane that Beth is Alice because they gave up looking for her and that an innocent man is going to die because he won’t listen.

In one of the fewer appearances of Sophie, we see her trying to get out of the handcuffs that’s still keeping her in Mary’s clinic. She manages to get loose, but not without Mary catching her. Mary, in a loving sisterly way, asks Sophie not to hurt Batwoman like she hurt Kate and reveal Batwoman’s identity. She tells Sophie how Kate had to go across the ocean to get away from her because of what Sophie did.

Next, Batwoman finds the judge as he’s burning the evidence. He flees when Batwoman tries to take him in. The Judge and Batwoman run into Eldon as The Executioner. Batwoman stalls The Executioner long enough for the judge to get away. Eldon and Batwoman scuffle, and Jacob kills The Executioner, saving Batwoman. Jacob tries to arrest Batwoman and the two scuffle as well. All of a sudden, Eldon’s watch beeps, and Kane realizes it’s a trap as gas comes out through the vents. Luke comes up with a plan. Kate would need to ignite a flame to burn the gas. After waiting until the room fills up enough,  she lights the fire and saves her dad.

Afterwards, Kane admits that he blamed Batman for Kate’s mom’s death so he wouldn’t have to blame himself. Back at Crow headquarters, Kate and her father share another moment. Kane tells Kate they’ll get Beth back, and this time, they won’t give up. They hug with Sophie looking on. The episode ends with Alice finding Mouse . She convinces Mouse not to turn on her by saying she needs him for her upcoming “tea party” with Kate.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: this show continues to blow me away week after week. I’m very excited to see how all of these characters grow throughout this season. Sound off in the comments and let us know that you think about this season so far!

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