Taylor Swift Releases “Beautiful Ghosts” for the Upcoming Musical Film ‘Cats’

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Photo courtesy of Taylor Swift.
Photo courtesy of Taylor Swift.

The true testimony to artistry is being able to step into any genre and owning it with such ferocity, and by and large Taylor Swift is the songwriter of our time who is able to do that.

No matter if it’s a song written from the plucks of a guitar on her bedroom floor or the beautiful melodic sounds belonging to a track for the upcoming musical Cats, Swift always brings depth to a blank canvas. The addition of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Beautiful Ghosts” is no exception.

Whether it’s dipped in loneliness or a desperate longing, the song narrates a time we’ve all had where we played the comparison game and wished to be in someone else’s shoes, for they experienced the world we weren’t able to. Even if their own memories of that time are something that’s not so fond to look upon, at least they had a capsule of what it would feel like to be at that moment.

Cats hits theaters December 19. Listen to the track “Beautiful Ghosts” below.

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