Monday, March 20, 2023

Netflix to Launch ‘Daybreak’ Scripted Podcast “The Only Podcast Left”

TELEVISIONNETFLIXNetflix to Launch ‘Daybreak’ Scripted Podcast “The Only Podcast Left”
Image courtesy of Daybreak Writers Twitter

Ever wonder what a podcast would be like, post-apocalypse? Now you can! 

It was just announced that Netflix will be launching a scripted Daybreak podcast called “The Only Podcast Left.” Featuring Daybreak’s first-ever podcasting tribe, the A.V. Club. Join Tess Netting as Harvard, Kimia Behpoornia as MIT, Jared Goldstein as Gap Year, and Kyle Sherman as USC as they explore their new purpose in life to create a podcast “to geek out about the tribes and celebrity ghoulies and all the gossip!”

According to the Variety exclusive, the podcast will feature six episodes to compliment the Netflix series. Daybreak’s showrunner and head writer, Aron Coleite, is the executive producer of this new podcast.  

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The series will be launching exclusively on Spotify November 7. However, it will be available on all other platforms on December 12.

You can listen to the official trailer here!

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