Monday, March 27, 2023

Michael Vlamis’ Merch Line Now Available!

CHARITIESMichael Vlamis' Merch Line Now Available!

A few days ago we told you everything you needed to know about Michael Vlamis’ merch line, and now we’re so excited that it’s finally released! If you don’t know Michael Vlamis… you should. He’s an actor, writer, and producer, who’s starring right now on The CW’s Roswell, New Mexico, which is currently filming its second season.

Vlamis partnered with Blank Clo to make unique, size inclusive items for fans everywhere. Merchandise includes sweatshirts, tees, starter packs with stickers, pins and chapstick, beanies, hats, posters, and more.

Courtesy of Michael Vlamis and Blank Clo
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The shirt designs include one featuring his name, a photo of his younger self, Malex (Michael Guerin and Alex Manes) fan art from Roswell, New Mexico by artist Solli_Ali, as well as a newer “love hurts” design, which features Vlamis’ handwriting. Additional designs were also created by Jesa Joy, Spencer Waldner and Grace Waldner.

The posters feature a “Dream Big” design, with photos through Vlamis’ school years, as well as a 90s-themed “Heartthrob” poster (it might be our favorite).

Courtesy of Michael Vlamis and Blank Clo

Michael will also be donating all profits to Random Acts.

When I first accepted the role of Michael Guerin on CW’s ROSWELL, NM, I had no idea the effect it’d have on people. My character is bisexual in the show and he actually says that out loud, which is rare for a man to say on television. The amount of people who have written me, saying my character inspired them to stop hiding their truth has been beyond touching, and this is the first time I have felt like I’m giving back to the community in a big way. By donating all of the profits of this collection to Random Acts, the giving will continue.

I chose Random Acts because I love how they give back to a variety of causes and help people from all walks of life. I believe inclusion breeds love and that’s exactly what Random Acts represents. CW hero, Misha Collins is paving the way for other actors to give back and I’m beyond fortunate to be able to support Random Acts.

You can check out all of Michael’s merch at!

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