Everything You Need to Know About Michael Vlamis’ Merch Line Dropping Friday

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It’s been almost a year since the dashing Michael Vlamis graced our screens in The CW’s Roswell, New Mexico. On January 15, 2019, fans were exposed to a world that was familiar, but different in Roswell, New Mexico. When we first laid eyes on Michael Guerin in the jail cell with his snarky attitude towards his brother, Max (played by Nathan Dean Parsons), there was just something about him. Something was magnetic and electric about the actor’s performance — one where our eyes could not leave him, and who stole every scene that he was in. This, was Michael Vlamis.

Not only is Michael Vlamis an actor, he’s a writer, and a producer. You can watch the short stories from his Instagram, or the video about the Emmy nominations on his Twitter account, and think you have a grasp on who he is as a person. But, really, while he’s self-deprecating and has a wicked sense of humor, underneath all of that is a kind, thoughtful human being who has turned our entire staff into fans.

On Friday, Vlamis will be launching his very own merchandise line, partnering with Blank Clo — one comprised of items featuring his name, a photo of his younger self, Malex (Michael Guerin and Alex Manes) fan art from Roswell, New Mexico by artist Solli_Ali, as well as a newer “love hurts” design. He’s been slowly teasing fans about the release of this merch on his Instagram, and in an instance that speaks profoundly to his character, changed a design last minute due to fans concerns. He did this without fuss, and with a deep understanding of the feedback given to him which really only garnered him more respect.

First, we can announce that Vlamis will be donating the profits from his merchandise to benefit Random Acts, a non-profit that was co-founded by Supernatural‘s Misha Collins. Random Acts inspires people around the world to create small acts of kindness, and have raised funds for many different causes including building a school in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. It’s a charity personally near and dear to our hearts, and we’re so excited that Vlamis chose them.

Rachel Miner, executive director of Random Acts, had this to say about Michael:

“I’m very moved by Michael Vlamis’ generosity in choosing to donate the profits from his campaign to charity, especially a campaign which is already geared to putting positive messages of inclusivity out into the world. And of course the fact that he’s chosen to donate to Random Acts is beyond cool in my books. To all of you Random Acts family who made sure we were taken notice of, know it was YOU who made this happen, and of course you who is out there making this world better every day. So excited that because of Michael’s generosity we Random Acts bunch will be able to do that much more good in the world together.”

Secondly, we’re bringing you an exclusive preview of the items and answer some of your most burning questions about the merchandise!

First, we have the “Happy Boy” design, which features Michael when he was younger. It will be available in a plain tee ($35) or in tye-dye for ($40).


Next, we have the “Boys will be Boys” design, which was designed by Solli_Ali. This design will be available in a tee ($35) or in a crewneck sweatshirt ($50).

Courtesy of Michael Vlamis, Blank Clo

Next, is the new “Love Hurts” design, which will be available in a long sleeve ($40) and a crewneck sweatshirt ($50).

Courtesy of Michael Vlamis, Blank Clo

Lastly, is the “Michael Vlamis” design, which will be available in a tee ($35) or a hoodie ($50).

Photo Courtesy of Davy Kesey

Sizes for the merch will be available in size s – 4xl. They are softened, thinned tees, meant to feel worn in and vintage. They have a boxy fit.

The merchandise will be available worldwide, and they are currently working out the shipping fees to ship Internationally.

Michael told us that, “My merch, much like myself, is inclusive, doesn’t take itself too seriously, and has a lot of heart. I believe it’s important to spread a positive message, but remember to have a little fun while doing so.”

Vlamis’ merch line drops this Friday on his website, MichaelVlamis.com, and we can’t wait. You can sign up for his newsletter now on MichaelVlamis.com, and let us know what you think of the merch!

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