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Animated Series Announced for the Modern Mythological ‘Lore Olympus’ Comic

COMIC BOOKAnimated Series Announced for the Modern Mythological ‘Lore Olympus’ Comic
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It’s no secret that the Western world loves its mythology. Greek is especially prevalent in our culture, as evident by recent re-imaginings like Sony’s God of War games or the hit Broadway musical Hadestown. But even if mythology wasn’t so prevalent, we think Rachel Smythe’s Lore Olympus web comic would’ve still broken through the noise.

Launched in 2018 with Episode One, Lore Olympus now has 79 episodes and counting, with new updates promised every Saturday. Readers rate it high on both Webtoon (9.7/10) and Goodreads (4.7/5), but you may have also seen mention of it on any number of best read recommendations, the 2019 Eisner Award list of nominees, or even in New York City’s Times Square:

And now, as reported by Deadline, The Jim Henson Company is set to partner with Webtoon for the development of a Lore Olympus animated series.

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As the comic’s official synopsis states, “Stylish and immersive, this is one of mythology’s greatest stories — The Taking of Persephone — as it’s never been told before.” We can’t imagine what wonderous visuals will come out of Jim Henson’s workshop for this one, but we hope it won’t stray too far from the comic’s iconic style.

Who knows? Maybe it’ll be something similar to Webtoon’s animated promo video:


Read Lore Olympus for yourself on Webtoon.

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