Monday, October 25, 2021

Dungeons & Dragons Play Experience at Halfling Studios

Courtesy of Level Eater

This weekend, Level Eater Adventures will be hosting a weekend of Dungeons & Dragons in the name of MyMusicRx, the flagship program of Children’s Cancer Association (CCA).  Participants will gather at Halfling Studios in Portland, OR to play through a custom adventure written for the occasion. While all the tables will be playing the same scenario, the adventure features distinct quests, focused on exploration, combat, and roleplaying. At the stroke of midnight, the players will gather to see if they were able to save the realm of Greenmoss or not.

Guiding the adventurers through the story will be Chris Perkins, senior producer for Dungeons & Dragons; Kate Welch, game designer for Dungeons & Dragons; Keith Baker, author and game designer; Jennifer Kretchmer, actress, producer, and cast member on Heroes of the Vale and Monsters & Fables; and Chris Funk, The Decemberists guitarist and CCA Board Member.

All proceeds from the event goes to MyMusicRx, who helps seriously ill children and their families through the power of music. There are still tickets left, so if you are in the Portland area, we highly recommend joining in to do some serious good while you play some seriously good D&D!

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