Tuesday, March 9, 2021

D&D Announces ‘Acquisitions Incorporated’ Sourcebook

Image courtesy of Dungeons & Dragons/Acquisitions Incorporated

Dungeons & Dragons has partnered with Penny Arcade to publish a book that will provide Dungeon Masters and players the opportunity to climb the corporate ladder of the most notorious retrieval agency in the Forgotten Realms: Acquisitions Incorporated. CEO Omin Dran, Jim Darkmagic, Môrgæn, and the chandelier-riding Viari will be included in the Acquisitions Incorporated sourcebook, set to be released on June 18.

Nathan Stewart, Senior Director of Dungeons & Dragons at Wizards of the Coast, shared his excitement about the book in a press release:

To tons of people around the world, the flavor of D&D played by the Acquisitions Incorporated crew was their first taste of just how much fun a Dungeons & Dragons game could be. We wanted to start experimenting with presenting different playstyles to fans entering the D&D community, and it made sense to start with a group who has spent ten years at a table with Chris Perkins entertaining hordes of fans.

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Check out Penny Arcade’s Jerry Holkins and Elyssa Grant at last week’s PAX East, talking about the sourcebook and what is in store for D&D fans.

Watch Highlight: PAX EAST 2019 – ALBATROSS THEATRE – Penny Arcade: Acquisitions Incorporated D&D Manual Extravaganza from PAX2 on www.twitch.tv

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