Ellie Statue Released for ‘The Last of Us’ Outbreak Day

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Image courtesy of Dark Horse Direct

“I’m gonna find … and I’m gonna kill … every last one of them.”

Every year on September 26, The Last of Us community celebrates Outbreak Day, and this year marks the seventh anniversary. In her persistent pursuit of vengeance in the upcoming The Last of Us Part II Dark Horse Direct has a new limited-edition figure of Ellie.

Image courtesy of Dark Horse Direct

Standing at 12’’ tall and with her bow in the ready this extremely detailed figure is available exclusively from Dark Horse Direct. In the details, you can make out her tattoo, blood splatter, dirt on her shoes, and her bracelet. 

The statue is made of polyresin and comes with a round terrain base with The Last of Us Part II logo. It is sculpted by the artists at Naughty Dog and painted by Gentle Giant Studios. The statue will be $179.99 and ship in summer 2020.

The Ellie statue is available for pre-order now on the Dark Horse Direct website. Currently, it is sold out.

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