Check out the Goblin Pirates “Plunderlings” Kickstarter

Plundering Nomad Tuft. Image courtesy of Plunderlings


Plundering Nomad Tuft. Image courtesy of Plunderlings

These creatures travel looking for treasure, adventure, and mischief. Plunderlings are pirate goblins, and the moveable action figures are looking to be added to your shelf. This can happen through their Kickstarter campaign.

The action figures are going to be 1/12 scale and will stand at 3.8-inches, and have over 25 points of articulations. So far they have created 12 Plunderlings in six different themes. Each of them comes with their own accessories, three different heads, a magnetic hat, and two options for their hands (relaxed and gripping.)

A post-production creative team called Lone Coconut from the Dominican Republic are working to bring these creatures to life. They work creating in visual effects, illustration, deliverables, and animation. The little goblins are developed by team members Ricky Gluski, Andres Rodriguez, Jason Bienview (Spero toys), Chris Gawrych (Four Horsemen Studios), Seba Dom, GD Lake, and Fabiano Carlos (McFarlane Toys.)

The campaign ends on Tuesday, October 15 you can see and contribute to the Kickstarter campaign here.


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