49 Reasons to Love Rob Benedict on His Birthday (and Everyday!)

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© Mandi Lea Photography, Staff Photographer
© Mandi Lea Photography, Staff Photographer

Rob Benedict is undoubtedly a fan favorite amongst Supernatural fans. Whether it’s his character Chuck on the show, the soul he puts into his music with his band, Louden Swain, or the witty, quick banter you see him hashing out with friend Richard Speight, Jr. on stage throughout the weekend at a Creation Supernatural convention, it comes as no surprise that one can’t help but love him. Fans and friends alike sing praises of the man, and once you meet him, a few seconds is all you need to see why. Rob has an innate ability to make you feel like the most important person in a room, no matter the size of the crowd. He’s attentive and kind whether you’re seeing him for the first or the hundredth time; you can always count on every interaction with him being one of the best celebrity encounters you’ll ever have. He’ll hug you those extra few seconds, and sometimes on a busy convention weekend, it’s just what’s needed to calm those frazzled nerves. He’s a pillar in the SPNFamily, and he holds it with esteem, heart, and grace. To make a long story short, Rob embodies everything we love about this fandom — love, kindness, vulnerability, and hope. And we know we hit that one-in-a-million chance when he came onto our little show 11 years ago.

So happy 49th birthday Rob, we love you dearly and here’s a few reasons why:

1. The passion you bring to the stage at concerts.

2. Your support of fandom artists.

3. The way you give every person you meet your full attention.

4. Your love of popcorn.

5. Your hugs.

© Mandi Lea Photography, Staff Photographer

7. Your smile. It lights up the room.

8. Your openness about your mental health.

9. Your amazing friendship with Richard Speight, Jr. and the entire SPN family.

10. The hilarious stories you tell about embarrassing your kids.

11. The emotions in your voice as you sing.

12. Your ninja training Instagram stories.

Image courtesy of Editor Manager, Lindsey

13. Your incredible acting ability.

14. Your style.

15. Your heart and how you share it with us all.

16. The kindness that you show everyone you meet.

17. Your writing and the soul you put into songs.

18. Your pics of Lily.

Image courtesy of Staff Photographer, Liz Larson

19. The fact that you always try to take a moment to say hi to fans after a show.

20. How you lift up the people around you.

21. Your reaction to the incredibly out of tune guitar at the Austin show.

22. Your curiosity.

23. Your sense of humor.

24. Your willingness to share your stroke story to help others.

Courtesy of Staff Photographer, Liz Larson.

25. Your genuineness.

26. Your generosity.

27. How incredibly down to earth you are.

28. Your resilience.

29. How amazed you get from our lights during “She Waits” at a Saturday Night Special.

30. When you go along with Rich’s bits, even if they’re at your expense.

Rob Benedict – Courtesy of Kelsi Sickmann, Staff Photographer

31. How happy you get every time the audience knows the lyrics to your songs.

32. Your happiness during “Amazing” when the crowd sings the chorus to you.

33. When you forget the lyrics to your songs, but you know that we always have your back.

34. When you oblige our requests to wear your glasses.

35. The energy you carry while you’re on stage performing.

36. Your country music alter ego, Clay Dicks.

Image courtesy of Editor Manager, Lindsey

37. The way you still climb up on the drum kit to jump off even though you’ve fallen more than once.

38. Your Rich impression.

39. For creating Kings of Con.

40. Your dedication to making sure everyone has a great time at every event you attend.

41. Your guest hosting on Will You Accept This Rose? podcast.

42. For bringing Chuck Shurley to life.

Image courtesy of Editor Manager, Lindsey

43. That even after all these years, you’re still at conventions giving every weekend your all.

44. The effortless way you love your family, friends and fans.

45. For being part of the evolution of the Saturday Night Special into the unforgettable show that it is with Louden Swain.

46. Your Daenerys Targaryen costume and pet “dragon.”

47. Those epic cowbell skills.

48. How animated you get when telling a story or anecdote.

49. How happy you get to see familiar faces in the crowd at the Vendor Jams and other shows.

And one more for good luck, 50. That you make every single moment with each and every fan count.

Image courtesy of Editor Manager, Lindsey

Happy Birthday Rob Benedict! You’re one-of-a-kind and we still can’t believe we’re the ones lucky enough to get to know you.

Thank you to staff Briar, Shannon, Muriel, Michelle M., Sarah, Natasha, Emelie, Suzette, Rachel, Kailey, Sam, and Adrienne for helping put this list together!

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