Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Square Enix Drops New Trailer for ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’

GAMESSquare Enix Drops New Trailer for 'Final Fantasy VII Remake'
Image courtesy of Square Enix.

With the first look of Final Fantasy VII Remake shown at E3 earlier this year, Square Enix dropped the latest trailer for the highly anticipated game at Tokyo Game Show 2019.

The trailer gives us a few more glimpses of what the game will look like. It shows the summons of Ifrit and Shiva, and it provides the first look at Reno and the Turks. There is also a super fast scene where Cloud smacks his giant Buster sword into the roof because he is trying to draw it in a space that is way too small for it. On top of that we see a few of the mini games that will be available, as well as tiny toad Cloud!

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be available worldwide on March 3 2020. Pre-order your copy here.

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