Tuesday, September 27, 2022

‘Carnival Row’ Prequel Audiobook Available for Preorder

TELEVISIONPRIME VIDEO'Carnival Row' Prequel Audiobook Available for Preorder
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Carnival Row, Amazon Prime’s new show starring Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne, is getting an audiobook prequel from one of the show’s writers, Stephanie K. Smith.

The prequel is called Tangle in the Dark and will be available only on Audible on October 3. It seems to be centered on how characters Tourmaline Larou and Vignette Stonemoss met:

“Tourmaline Larou lives an idyllic life of learning by day and partying by night. An aspiring poet, her future promises nothing less than brilliance.

Then, Vignette Stonemoss walks through the door, and Tourmaline’s world is upended.

As she struggles to understand the effect this stranger has on her, Tourmaline and her fellow fae face a looming threat from the human world. War is on the horizon, and their very existence is at stake.

And Tourmaline will discover whether love will save her – or destroy her. “

Carnival Row is available to watch on Amazon Prime now and Tangle in the Dark is available for preorder here.

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