Paul Carella Announces Post-PBJ Tour Stageit Show

Kaity - Co-Director
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Image courtesy of Staff Editor/Photographer Lindsey DeLuca
Image courtesy of Staff Editor/Photographer Lindsey DeLuca

Did you attend Dogwood Events PBJ Tour and now find yourself missing it? Or maybe you missed the chance to see the PBJ Tour and wish you could have attended? A solution, nay, a remedy to these woes has just emerged in the form of a Stageit performance by the one and only Paul Carella.

Scheduled for August 31 at 3 p.m. ET (12 p.m. PT) you can join Paul as he eases those post tour blues with his Scottish brogue and more importantly, a variety of your Carella favorites. Don’t have a favorite yet? Brush up beforehand with the complete collection, because if requests are taken you’re not going to want to miss this opportunity.

Like all great things, tickets are limited so don’t wait to head over and reserve your spot in the digital venue. Tickets can be purchased here. If this is your first Stageit experience (solid choice to begin with), tickets are purchased with notes that you preload into your account. Notes can also be used to “tip” the performer during the show and you never know if Paul has something up his sleeve for the show’s Top Supporter.


Haven’t met Paul yet? Let us help introduce you and then tune in to the Stageit performance that’s sure to be a blast.

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