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There is a little something for everyone in Ed Sheeran’s newest album, No.6 Collaborations Project. The title says it all. Sheeran’s sixth album is filled with collaborations ranging from Chris Stapleton to Cardi B, covering almost every genre imaginable.

“Beautiful People” (feat. Khalid)

“Beautiful People” is the perfect summer jam. The official video covers the lyrics well: your average couple surrounded by partiers going to a fashion show and flying first class. They do not fit in, but that is okay. “We don’t fit in well, ‘cause we are just ourselves.” Be whoever you are, and check out this cool, laidback pop track.


“South of the Border” (feat. Camila Cabello & Cardi B)

Another amazing song and collaboration, “South of the Border” is all about a beautiful woman in the first verse with the curves, long hair, lips, and “mmm brown eyes.” Complete with a Spanish flair in the melody, this one will surely have you swaying to the beat. In the second verse, Camila comes in singing about the guy with the lips, words, and “mmm green eyes.” They sound absolutely beautiful together, and Cardi B’s verse is like the cherry on top, simply adding to the perfection.

“Cross Me” (feat. Chance the Rapper & PnB Rock)

This track is all about loyalty to the one he loves. “You cross her, you cross me.” He would do anything to protect her. Set to an electronic beat perfect for dancing at the club, the official video reflects this with a Ready Player One-esque vibe. It is completely worth watching and listening!

“Take Me Back to London” (feat. Stormzy)

“No town does it quite like my home.” This song has major homesick vibes. Ed drops some rhymes about not being home in awhile, but that is about to change as he gets on a jet plane, destination London. You can almost close your eyes with this one and imagine you are in London, listening to this song live.

“Best Part of Me” (feat. YEBBA)

This slowed down, pop ballad is the perfect break amongst the more upbeat tracks. A love song, Ed and YEEBA sing about their special someone being the best part of them, yet question why they were chosen. “Why the hell do you love me, when I don’t even love myself?” It is vulnerable, honest, and beautiful to listen to.

“I Don’t Care” (feat. Justin Bieber)

Ever have anxiety at a party, or maybe just have a bad day or night? Ed and Justin sing about what it feels like to not care about all the bad things, as long as you’ve got your loved one by your side. Set to an upbeat tempo, this breakout hit will surely have folks singing along all summer.

“Antisocial” (feat. Travis Scott)

The official video for this track coincided with the release for the album. The video is filled with plenty of humorous parodies (anybody brave enough to have Edward Scissorhands be your dentist?). An anthem for anyone feeling a bit antisocial, you will feel right at home with these cool rhymes set to an even cooler beat.

“Remember The Name” (feat. Eminem & 50 Cent)

There is almost always that one track on an album that will get you hyped up and ready to take on anything, maybe even the world. This is absolutely that track. “And if you thought I was good, I’m better today” is an accurate lyric when it comes to this album. I also do not think any of us will have any problems remembering anybody’s name after listening to this song. Sheeran, Eminem, and 50 Cent sound amazing together!

“Feels” (feat. Young Thug & J Hus)

When the song started with “baby, I got the feels,” I thought for sure we finally had an anthem for our fandoms. Alas, the track is more on the romantic side when the line is revisited later on with “baby, I got the feels for ya.” I am fairly certain we can still make it work! Regardless, it is a good song.

“Put It All On Me” (feat. Ella Mai)

I absolutely loved the groove to this one. It is the kind of song where even if it is slower, it still has you moving to the beat. It also has that vibe that it could easily fit into both the pop and R&B genres. It is seamless and melodic, and an all-around awesome duet with Ella Mai.

“Nothing On You” (feat. Paulo Londra & Dave)

This bilingual track will get you up and dancing. What really stands out is the unique beat that can be heard throughout the song. It is catchy and lays the foundation for an incredible collaboration.

“I Don’t Want Your Money” (feat. H.E.R)

I absolutely loved this song. The way Ed sings ”she says” leading into the chorus with H.E.R. is beautiful and flows nicely. The meaning of the song is an important one, too. Sure, we need money to live by. But all really want from each other is time.

“1000 Nights” (feat. Meek Mill & A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie)

You will get an inside look on what it is like to go on tour with this song. City after city, continent to continent, Sheeran sings about being up for a thousand nights and putting up fifty thousand lights. Maybe touring is enough to make you feel jaded, but this song will not do that.

“Way To Break My Heart” (feat. Skrillex)

A soulful, heartbreaking song, this one is beautiful, albeit a little sad. Being without the one you love, or your love being in someone else’s arms, Sheeran sings about that being the way to break his heart. Par for the course, this one is still worth the download and listen.

“BLOW” (feat. Chris Stapleton & Bruno Mars)

What happens when you have Ed Sheeran, Chris Stapleton, and Bruno Mars all on one track? A groovy pop song? Maybe something with a little country thrown in? Or how about a solid R&B track? None of the above would be the correct answer. They all decided to go full-on rock and roll, and it works. It feels like Sheeran saved the best for last with this one, ending the album with a bang, or rather a “blow.” This will be the song on repeat, for sure!


This album is completely filled with non-stop talent. No matter what artists you are a fan of, or what genre you jam to the most, I guarantee there is a song on here you will like.  It is available now, so be sure to purchase, download and stream!

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