‘The Adventure Zone: Murder on the Rockport Limited’ Graphic Novel Available Now!

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Courtesy of the McElroy family and Carey Pietsch.
Courtesy of the McElroy family and Carey Pietsch.

Those good, good boys are at it again. The McElroy family‘s much-anticipated graphic novel The Adventure Zone: Murder on the Rockport Limited is officially available!

Murder on the Rockport Limited ties in to the second story arc of Balance, the first campaign from the hit podcast The Adventure Zone. The Adventure Zone is a biweekly podcast that is part comedy and part role-playing game, hosted by brothers Griffin, Travis, and Justin (known for My Brother, My Brother and Me) and their father Clint.

The Murder on the Rockport Limited story arc episodes originally aired on the podcast from March 19 through June 4, 2015. The story picks up immediately after the first arc, which was released as a graphic novel in 2018 — Here There Be Gerblins.

This arc is stuffed to the gills with excitement — a murder mystery, some brand new NPCs, and a whole lot of wayward wizardry and other questionable hijinks. This also marks the introduction of fan favorite boy detective Angus McDonald.

Fans of The Adventure Zone podcast shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity to see Taako, Magnus, and Merle come to life in full color, with beautiful artwork from illustrator Carey Pietsch (who also provided the art for Here There Be Gerblins.) The McElroy family has always left most of the visual descriptions of the podcast’s array of characters up in the air, which has led to an incredible variety of fan art, so readers should look forward to seeing the particular character and environment renditions that this novel has to offer.

The release of the graphic novel coincides with the start of the McElroy’s five-stop book tour, for which tickets can be purchased here. The book tour shows will have a moderated Q&A and a live reading with surprise special guests (Lin-Manuel Miranda voiced Taako at the NYC book tour stop for Here There Be Gerblins in 2018!) A copy of the new graphic novel and a bookplate signed by one of the McElroys is included with each ticket.

Murder on the Rockport Limited can be purchased from book stores, online retailers, and comic shops. Follow @TheZoneCast on Twitter for more news!

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