Recap: Stephen Amell Aimed His Arrows At Supanova Perth

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Stephen Amell at Supanova. Image courtesy of staff writer Rachel Finucane.
Stephen Amell at Supanova. Image courtesy of staff writer Rachel Finucane.

Trading in his archery skills for a dazzling smile, Stephen Amell joined his Arrow-verse castmates and a few other Hollywood favorites for a trip to the Land Down Under.

Kicking off in Sydney to then move onto Melbourne for one night of entertainment, Supanova Perth was the final pit stop before the convention tour came to an end. While the vibe was one of relaxation, the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre called Supa-fans to action on the 28th of June to the 30th, with hundreds of people exploring the floor.

Robbie Amell, Italia Ricci, David Ramsey and Stephen Amell at Supanova. Image courtesy of staff writer Rachel Finucane.

The Friday night preview festivities put more than a spring in The Simpsons‘ Dean Rankine’s step, as he rattled off a poem with the additional entertainment of a (un)modernized dance by one of the hosts. Although it seemed that nothing could quite top that sight, there was a special panel with Stephen Amell, David Ramsey, Robbie Amell (The Flash, Tomorrow People), and Italia Ricci (Designated Driver, Chasing Life).

The conversation revolved around the upcoming and final season of Arrow and a few antidotes, particularly a very anti-vegemite Robbie, who’d rather sport peanut butter on toast. His cousin, however, adorns nervousness during the first few days of filming a new season. “I feel like I’m out of rhythm.” We wouldn’t want to be in close vicinity to Stephen because, as he remarked of his built-up tension, he’s close to… “sh**ting his pants.” David naturally jokes, “First day I’m going to look at you and say you suck.”

A natural banter flowed into Saturday’s Arrow panel that featured Stephen and David (who unfortunately could only make the last few minutes). The reason as to why the series was ending spun in the air and inevitably surfaced from a question asked by an audience member. While they had initially talked about going on for longer, it was a decision that Stephen initiated and then turned into a mutual agreement. David later remarked on the ending and used the analogy of a corporation when the boss hits the roof of a company, there isn’t another level that they can climb to. Being able to think mindfully about goals is important for Stephen, and as he felt like he had done all he could with Arrow, he wanted to put his undivided focus into another project.

There were also rumblings about the possibility of another series coming out of the woodworks which would play in tune with spin-off rumors with Katherine McNamara (Shadowhunters) at the wheel… as well as the idea of new characters coming into season eight that have been on television before but not necessarily on Arrow.

Any guesses?

Elijah Wood at Supanova. Image courtesy of staff writer Rachel Finucane.

We traveled to Middle-earth when pop culture phenomenon, Elijah Wood (Lord Of The Rings) took to the stage on Sunday. This was the panel I was really looking forward to and boy, did he not disappoint! As the theater lit up with anticipation, all eyes were set on a giddy Elijah who was both a source of stories from his time working with other well-known actors and a breath of fresh air, as he broke the divide between talent and audience with a few solemn curse words.

When it comes to the evil word of typecast, he combated only being seen as Frodo by continuously working. Even during that time period, he would work on other things. While there isn’t necessarily a favorite between television and films, having navigated the wacky world of Dirk Gently, he did appreciate the bonding experience he had when filming Happy Feet 2 in Sydney:

When you’re kind of home and filming something, it doesn’t feel like you’re in the center of the thing. It was a real gift.

The talent wasn’t just held on the stage but found on the floor. Puppets Sam and Dean may have gotten up to a bit of fury mischief when they spent some time with Supernatural’s Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki at recent conventions, but if you were to spare a minute at Cursed Creations’ booth, you would see how meticulously detailed they are. Some are even living out their most glamorous life as they have been commissioned by celebrities!

Cursed Creations at Supanova. Image courtesy of staff writer Rachel Finucane.

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