Wednesday, March 22, 2023

‘Final Fantasy XIV’ To Get Live Action Adaptation; Drop New Content

GAMES‘Final Fantasy XIV’ To Get Live Action Adaptation; Drop New Content

Sony Pictures Television and production company, Hivemind Entertainment, are teaming up with Square Enix to create the first ever live action adaptation of a Final Fantasy title. The show will be based on Final Fantasy XIV Online (FFXIV), an MMORPG that is set in the world of Eorzea, and will feature content familiar to fans of the Final Fantasy franchise. We will see airships, Magitek, Beastmen, and most importantly, Chocobos! Cid will also make an appearance, though it’s unclear if he’ll be the original Cid introduced in Final Fantasy VI or not.

There’s no word on what platform will stream the show but there are speculations that this will be big. Hivemind Entertainment is currently working on both Amazon’s The Expanse and Netflix’s adaptation of The Witcher. Amazon is also in development on both a Wheel of Time adaptation, as well as an upcoming revamp of The Lord of The Rings so it appears they’re aiming to produce content with huge production value. Final Fantasy XIV certainly has enough to keep a show going, and if they continue into the rest of the games the lore spans 30+ years. Netflix is also streaming Final Fantasy XIV: Dad of Light, a Japanese drama about a father and son who bond over playing Final Fantasy XIV, which could indicate that Netflix will stream more Final Fantasy XIV content in the future.

The live action show is still in development, so there’s no news about casting or a release date yet, so we probably won’t see content for some time.

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We’re also excited to bring more Final Fantasy XIV news to you. FFXIV has around 16 million registered online players worldwide, and is due to drop latest installment Final Fantasy XIV – Shadowbringers on July 2nd. Watch the trailer here:

We feel like this is truly exciting news. What are you most excited about seeing in the live action show or Shadowbringers? Leave your thoughts below!

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