‘The 100’ Season Six, Episode Eight Review: “The Old Man and the Anomaly”

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Previously on The 100: The Dark Commander is getting too strong inside Madi; Clarke’s dead; this body’s not big enough for the both of us; What if I told you there’s a way to save Kane? Teach them how to make Night Blood and he lives; His brain goes into another person’s body? I’m afraid of what will happen to you if you lose him; I’ll do it; Josephine was tapping Morse Code on her arm, Clarke’s alive; Octavia draws a spiral; the anomaly is calling you just like it did me; Guess we better see what this anomaly wants.

Word, Diyoza. Word.

One of the things I love about The 100 is the B and C plots keep me just as interested as the A plot does. That’s skill, friends. I truly am invested in this spiral anomaly business. And concerned about poor Madi and the Dark Commander in her brain. Of course this means I am three times as likely to be emotionally devastated, so thanks for that writers. Anyway, on to the show…

Motorcycles in the woods take Octavia, Diyoza, and CoG’s Xavier to “the Verge,” a weird conical shrine which, after Xavier flicks on the lights, looks a lot like a Christmas tree. Only this tree is repeating hundreds of voices/signals, even though we’ve already learned radio signals don’t work there. Turns out the Anomaly is sucking them up as they converge on that spot. Anyone remember the first Star Trek movie? I’m def getting some V-ger vibes here.

Diyoza and Octavia share looks, and words, and compare themselves to an old married couple. Then, Xavier tells them “no weapons” when they meet the “Old Man.” (You can imagine how well this goes over.) Also: Ocatvia is not feeling good. But she’s up to trying to whack Xavier’s head off. She’s too weak to do it and as Xavier attempts to assess her state, Diyoza notices a scar on his neck. She puts two and two together, well, one and one together is more accurate. Guess what, y’all? Xavier is really Gabriel, the Old Man! What? I know. His plan is to take Octavia and Diyoza to the Anomaly and solve this sh*t. Diyoza has a “bad feeling” about it before the opening credits.

On board Elegius: Gavin says goodbye to his wife/gf? as he preps for his Insertion. Raven is not down with this plan. She tells Abby about it — angrily. Queen Whatshername is there to remind Raven that Gavin is willingly sacrificing himself for the cause. The cause of being Marcus. Raven reminds Abby of the Hippocratic Oath as she swishes away.

Next, Clarksephine is getting help from Daddy King Russell. She assures him that Clarke is safely tucked away in her brain and won’t get out again. DKR gives Josephine about 36 hours to figure out how to get their minds separated, or else. (Slashing neck motion) Josephine’s plan is to let Priyah7 (HBHN) develop an EMP weapon to fry Clarke. DKR warns her to keep her plan on the DL until they know Abby can make enough Night Blood hosts for all of them. His plan is to take Josie out of Clarke’s body and give her to a willing host. Josie doesn’t like that plan at all. She wants Clarke’s body. She fears Clarke “will kill us all” if they let her out again. DKR just wants to take this second chance for his people, live peacefully with the Earthers, and make everything all okay again. Josephine? Nah.

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Meanwhile, Bellamy and the rest of the Scooby Gang are trying to figure out how to get Clarke’s mind in control of Clarke’s body. The plan is to hijack Clarksephine, get her to the Elgius, and let Raven/Abby fix her. Pause: have you noticed how many people are making plans this episode? A lot. I doubt any one of them goes the way they’re supposed to go. Anyway, Jordan is all for saving Clarke, but he wants to save Delilah from inside Pryiah7 (HBHN). He really LURVES her, y’all. Bellamy wants to play it cool. Madi? She wants to kill all the Primes and save Clarke in the lab they created to do such things. Shocked, Bellamy recognizes this is probably not Madi talking, but Sheidheda, Dark Commander. In his/her defense, it’s a good plan but brutal enough to shock even Echo, who eventually relents that this tactic would work. Bellamy puts his foot down on the whole thing. They all agree not to tell Murphy and Emori, who they will take later, by force, if necessary.

Pan to Emori, who’s sleeping, depressed over Clarke’s death, and Murphy, who wants to go outside and play! Seriously. He’s giddy about the great weather. I guess the promise of living forever gives you a fresh perspective on the little things in life. Emori frowns about Murphy’s deal for immortality. He hopes to change her mind though, by…wait…is he…oh my primes, he is…getting down on one knee! *FLAILS*

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“I know I’ve never been perfect, but you make me want to be.”

It’s so beautiful, kru. It really is. And so well delivered by Richard Harmon. He bares his soul to her, but when he gets to the part where, traditionally, the proposer pulls out a diamond ring, he pulls out the mind drives! Bahaha. But Emori is like, “That’s a survivor move!”  She loves it. They’re perfect for each other! Murphy asks if she can love him forever and just as she’s about to say yes (I know she was going to say yes because I was screaming it over and over for her), Clarksephine waltzes in and tells them how adorable they are.


She’s there for Ryker, who is not living in the palace like he should be — according to her, anyway. Clarksephine quickly susses that Emori is with them, and Ryker (not so quickly) susses that Clarke’s still inside her own body along with Josephine. Murphy? He doesn’t like hearing that at all. Methinks he may change his mind on everything if it means actually killing Clarke. I mean, if she were already dead, that’s one thing, but killing her? Can John Murphy do that? I’m not sure.

Meanwhile, in the woods: Xavier/Gabriel is having flashbacks. Diyoza is helping Octavia walk while taunting him about said flashbacks. He tells them that there was some stuff that happened and now nobody knows he’s Gabriel inside Xavier. He also cops to brutally killing everyone…oops. It was the fault of the red sun, though. FOR REALZ. The three spiral-drawers keep trudging on, but it isn’t long before Octavia starts having flashes of Bellamy. Diyoza is annoyed by this, but continues to help her.

Back in the machine shop: Murphy asks if Clarke can see him from inside when Josephine is in charge. She tells him yes and reminds him that Clarke now knows he betrayed her and will help kill her. It bothers Murphy for a split second…until Ryker says that’s a lie. They discuss more plans and decide the surgery to kill Clarke will be TODAY!! Josephine approves of Murphy’s forever life partner choice when Emori offers to go get the one piece of equipment they need to make the EMP happen — an Elegius shock collar… which she procures from Bellamy quite easily, as he is so trusting. But hang on, kru. Emori has an attack of conscience and tells Bellamy all about the plans to wipe Clarke today.

Bellamy: SUIT UP EVERYONE! WE MUST SAVE CLARKE NOW!! (Yes, in all caps)

Also Bellamy: Um where the hell is Madi?

Everyone: Ruh-roh.


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Onboard Elegius: Raven cries. Abby justifies her actions. Raven denies Abby what she wants, which is for Raven to space walk because the serum to make Night Blood requires it. Raven refuses. Abby decides to space walk herself. So there, Raven.

Next: “Brain surgery in a machine shop? What could go wrong?” LOL I still love you so many, John Murphy. Josephine threatens both Murphy and Ryker, saying if something goes wrong, Jade (her guard) has orders to …do a bunch of bad things, ending in death for both of them. She turns to threaten Emori, who is NOT there…but running through a field with the stuff they need for the surgery. Clarksephine and Murphy catch up to her, and he tries his best to convince Emori to go through with the surgery. She apologizes for betraying as Bellamy and kru emerge from the field to TCB. Or TCJ- take care of Josephine. They’re reminded that the only way Clarke can survive past the next few hours is if a neurosurgeon miraculously shows up!

*Enter Jackson*

Well, not yet. First, we have a scuttle where Josephine takes Murphy hostage. Bellamy and kru act like they don’t care about him, but she knows they do. THEY DO, dammit!

Back in the village, Jackson (who doesn’t yet know he’s about to perform neurosurgery) and Miller are looking for Madi. They soon realize her plan is playing out, due to all the screaming about the Children of Gabriel being there killing people! King Russell figures out it isn’t the C0G, as Bellamy and kru realize that Madi is doing her plan all by her little self. Josephine thinks it’s over for them, and so does Bellamy, and they both realize that without Jackson, Clarke is dead.  But John Freaking Murphy saves the day (at knifepoint, no less) by telling them they don’t need Jackson — they need to find Gabriel, because he could do the surgery. (That’s good, because I don’t think Jackson could do it after all the running and screaming.)

As motorcycles approach, Echo notices Clarksephine looks nervous. Then, in an effort to divert attention while she escapes, Clarksephine slices Murphy’s leg open. I’m not going to go looking up medical sites to find out specifics, but she hit a major artery y’all, because a fountain of blood is coming from his leg! But Bellamy takes Clarksephine away as Emori turns on the EMP allowing Clarke’s body past the barrier. He’s got her and he’s on his way to find Gabriel, as Murphy suggested.

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As Murphy gushes, Emori stays by his side, and I don’t really know anything else now because Murphy is dying people! He. is. DYING.

Suddenly, a fracas happens in the palace, and Jordan is shot because he jumps in from of Priyah7 (HBHN).  What? WHAT?

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Are you kidding me? Murphy and Jordan bleeding out? I cannot with you, writers. CANNOT.

In the woods: Gabriel, Diyoza, Octavia are tripping, both literally and figuratively. Diyoza sees her unborn child (name: Hope), Gabriel sees Josephine. Finally, the yellow brick road leads to the Anomaly. Diyoza follows imaginary Hope into the Anomaly even though Gabriel says she will die if she does. Diyoza don’t care, y’all. Octavia follows her in, then comes out healed of all her nasty wounds. Diyoza does not come out.

Next: “Five dead Primes in five days,” according to King Russell. Oh, Madi. At least Russell’s going to do what he can to save Jordan, since he saved Priyah7 (HBHN). Then he’s going to put all the Earthers on trial for this murderin’ spree. Next, Ryker tattles about what Russell and  Josephine did and drops that Clarke’s still alive. Pryiah7 (HBHN) is not pleased. He jumped line, after all.

When Jade appears with Emori and (still alive YAY!) Murphy, Russell instructs Jade to get the guns and “do whatever it takes to bring my daughter home.”

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Back on board Elegius, Queen Whatshername and Abby do the thing and Kane wakes up! In Gavin’s (very ripped) body. (Seriously, it’s no wonder this procedure — while only involving his head — required him to be shirtless. Wowza.) Anyway, Marcus is, as expected, confused. Don’t get me wrong: he’s happy to see Abby, but upset to see his dead body over on the next table.

Hold it. Is this the end of Henry Ian Cusick? Because if so, I’m not okay. Not even a little bit.

Marcus is not okay either, beeteedubs…

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And that’s it for this week.

First of all, if this truly was the last of Henry Ian Cusick, let me say this: Well done, Sir. May We Meet Again. I’ve been a fan of his for a very long time. Even before Lost. He added so much to this cast, and I will hate him not being there. It’s my hope that they’ll be able to reverse this procedure and keep HIC around!

Secondly, can this show get any better? I don’t think so. This week brought another emotional rollercoaster ride, and I can’t wait for next week. As I mentioned above, there are a lot of moving plots, and I am invested in all of them. I’m left this week wondering how far Madi will go before someone (Clarke?) stops her. I’m wondering what will happen when Bellamy finds Gabriel and discovers Octavia. I’m wondering what went down inside the spiral Anomaly. And I’m wondering if Murphy and Jordan both make it out alive!

Tune in with me next Tuesday (9/8c) on The CW to find out. Until then, I’ll be making plans and drawing spirals.

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