Exclusive Disney and Pixar Funko Pop!s for SDCC 2019

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Collectors of Pop! figurines, rejoice! San Diego Comic-Con 2019 caters to your every need with the largest collection of fandom merchandise all in one place. Can’t travel to sunny California but still in need of your Funko fix? Not a problem! While SDCC 2019 exclusive collectibles will be available at the opening of the convention (Thursday, July 18), they will also be sold by retailers online and in-store beginning on Friday, July 19.

Funko has released a sneak peek of the following Pop!s that will be available at SDCC 2019 from the Disney and Pixar licenses.

From The Black Cauldron, Amazon will present a Pop! duo of Taran and Horned King.

Image courtesy of Funko

Hot Topic brings us Quasimodo from The Hunchback of Notre-Dame.

Image courtesy of Funko

Another sweet duo, this time from BoxLunch, young Carl and Ellie from UP!

Image courtesy of Funko

Moana sails off with Pua the pig in another exclusive from BoxLunch.

Image courtesy of Funko

Finally, we are brought a couple of characters from Toy Story: Chuckles, distributed by Amazon, and Mr. Pricklepants, distributed by Hot Topic.

Image courtesy of Funko
Image courtesy of Funko

There are more Funko reveals expected in the coming month, so stay tuned, collectors!


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