Friday, March 24, 2023

Special ‘Lion King’ Plushies Announced

WALT DISNEY WORLDANIMAL KINGDOMSpecial 'Lion King' Plushies Announced

Leading up to the highly anticipated Lion King photo-realistic movie, Disney has released a pair of special edition Simba and Nala plushies. Not only are they adorable collectibles, but they will be sold to raise awareness for the “crisis facing lions.” The campaign will raise money and awareness for “The Lion Recovery Fund,” which supports the maintenance and building of new conservatories for wild lions. The foundation’s goal is to double the number of lions living the wild within the next couple of years.

Simba and Nala plushies for sale to benefit the “The Lion Recovery Fund,” which is part of the Walt Disney Company’s ongoing “Protect the Pride” project.
Image courtesy of Disney.

The Special Edition Simba and Nala plush are now available at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and can be found at additional locations at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort beginning July 1. Disney will donate $5 to the Wildlife Conservation Network in support of the LRF and its local partners for each sale. There are a limited number of 40,000 plushies available, representing the number of lions whose lives they’re hoping to save.

You can find more information about the project and the foundations on Disney’s Protect The Pride site.

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