Jim Beaver Receives Award from Vietnam Veterans of America

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Jim Beaver, who plays Bobby Singer on Supernatural and Whitney Ellsworth on the HBO series Deadwood, has been honored with the Excellence in the Arts Award from Vietnam Veterans of America. VVA’s goals are to promote and support the full range of issues important to Vietnam veterans, to create a new identity for this generation of veterans, and to change public perception of Vietnam veterans.

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Beaver was born in Laramie, Wyoming on August 12, 1950. Beaver graduated high school in 1968 and two months later joined the U.S. Marine Corps. Beaver served with the 1st Marine Division in Vietnam in 1970-71, most of that time as a radio operator with the 1st Marine Regiment. After his honorable discharge, Beaver worked a series of jobs, graduated from college, and started appearing on stage in Dallas. Louisville, and New York.

Amongst many of his accomplishments, Beaver is also an author of more than a dozen works, including his highly praised memoir Life’s That Way.

Congratulations Jim Beaver on your award. And from all of us at Nerds and Beyond, thank you for your service.

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