‘Charmed’ Season One Finale Recap: “The Source Awakens”


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Well, here we are — the season one finale of Charmed has come and gone. This season certainly had its ups and downs, but it found its footing after a few episodes and is becoming its own. I look forward to seeing where the story goes in season two.

After the result of the previous episode, Macy (Madeleine Mantock) is up in her room reflecting on all the magic she now has, when Galvin (Ser’Darius Blain) wakes up in her bed confused as to how he survived. Mel (Melonie Diaz), Maggie (Sarah Jeffery), and Harry (Rupert Evans) are trying to figure out what it means now that Macy has all the source’s power. Macy overhears them talking and Maggie wishing that their mom was there to help them. They stop talking when they hear Galvin, surprised to see him alive and well.

Maggie goes to talk to Parker (Nick Hargrove) to get information about the source and what it could do to her sister. He mentions that it feeds off human insecurity; Macy’s is being abandoned and alone. Galvin tells Mel that two people he saved from the harbinger demon are now dead. When she confirms his suspicion of Macy resurrecting him, Galvin says that he feels like he doesn’t belong there, that he accepted his fate to die saving those people. Now death is collecting the price, restoring the balance.

Harry checks in to see how Macy is doing. And when he gets a text, he lies to her and goes to Mel and Maggie who have found the missing page from the Book of Shadows that was ripped out.

Macy teleports there and calls them out for lying and fearing her. The room shakes as her anger grows, and then she looks to her sisters and says, “I know what you need to feel safe.”

Because Macy has the source’s powers, she can alter reality. She goes back in time to when Marisol (Valerie Cruz) was alive, but since they see each other and because of the curse that was placed on them when Macy was brought back to life, Marisol dies in her arms. Macy argues with Maggie and Mel, who don’t know who she is in this reality. When Mel yells out, “You are not our sister,” Macy’s eyes turn gold and her voice changes in anger when she realizes Mel was the problem from the start.

Macy goes to talk to Knansie (Mackenzie Marsh), the necromancer that brought her back to life. She tells Macy the only way to be able to see her mother is to choose another sacrifice. All of a sudden, we see Macy, Maggie, and Marisol in the house talking, but where is Mel? She is in another city working as a driver who happens to pick up Harry. They both experience déjà vu as their noses start to bleed and get headaches, just like Niko (Ellen Tamaki) got when she was getting her memories back. Harry orbs them to get a potion they can drink to get their memories back; they go back home and get Maggie to drink as well so she can remember.

With their memories back, they find the prism to use to strip Macy’s powers, but she shows up and destroys it using her magic to choke Mel. When Macy gets back to the attic, she is too late: Marisol still falls out the window to her death.

You cannot fight destiny; they were meant to come together after their mother’s death and become the charmed ones.

Spiralling out of control, Macy admits that she is the one that needs to be fixed and sends them to a reality in which Macy was never born.

For some reason, it sounds like it is a war zone; a world where there were no charmed ones is a world where evil is winning. Marisol helps her daughters by giving them the words for the spell and the yin yang necklace that can restore the balance, along with a spell that will bring them to the moment the power of three broke. When they get back and try to talk to Macy, she uses her powers to hurt Mel and sends them to New York so that she won’t hurt them anymore — in her way, protecting them and herself.

Determined to show Macy she is no longer alone, they go back and tell her they will never leave her no matter what. She can regain control of the source power, and they have a group hug because a group hug was more powerful than the magic of the power of three in this scenario.

The sisters do the spell that their mother gave them to remove the power from Macy, and it goes into the necklace, breaking it up into three pieces. They decide since no one should have that power they will hide it in three separate corners of the world and have Harry wipe their memory of where the pieces are, so they cannot be found.

With the balance restored, the sisters go to their mother’s grave for closure, now understanding the sacrifice even more. Afterwards, Maggie goes to see Parker, who is leaving to get a grip on his demon side, making him promise to come back. Mel goes to say goodbye to Niko from afar, wanting to let her go.

Walking back from Galvin’s funeral, they are greeted by magical beings all wondering what is going to happen and who is in charge, now that the elders are gone. They all go into the house to talk since they decided the charmed ones are now in charge. Macy looks at the door with a small smile and uses her powers to close the door… just like Prue did in the original Charmed series.

What was your favourite moment of season one? Let us know in the comments below.

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