‘Lucifer’ Season Four, Episode Two Recap: “Somebody’s Been Reading Dante’s Inferno”

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Spoilers ahead, so beware!

The second episode of the season, titled “Somebody’s Been Reading Dante’s Inferno,” begins with Chloe in the Catholic Church in Rome, researching the history of Lucifer. Chloe has flashbacks of all the clues and instances where Lucifer was actually showing signs of being the literal Devil. Father Kinley startles Chloe and introduces himself to her. He tells her he heard she needed help with her research. They talk out in the courtyard, and he tells her that he is in “The International Association of Exorcists” that deals with demonic possession, for those who believe they are the devil. Father Kinley reveals to Chloe that they know about Lucifer Morningstar and have been watching him over the course of seven years. She asks if he can help, but he explains to her that she can do something herself about Lucifer instead.

Back at the precinct, Chloe’s recollection of Father Kinley’s voice has her in a daze. “Whenever he visits, death and destruction follow,” she recalls him saying. Ella interrupts her trance to tell her a story and ask if she is okay. Chloe tells Ella that she has been putting something off for a while, and Ella gives her a tip to put the event on her calendar so, that way, she has to do it. Suddenly, Chloe gets a text and shows Ella, who is incredibly excited and she runs to grab her kit.

Lucifer is in his penthouse deciding what to wear as Amenadiel arrives. Lucifer asks what he was still doing on Earth, and he says that Earth is his home. He starts to go on a tangent when Lucifer interrupts him to help him pick out a shirt to wear to the crime scene. Amenadiel asks about why he is not confident in his fashion sense and he inquires about things with him and Chloe. Lucifer says that everything is fine and they are back to being partners, but they did have a moment. They kissed, and he isn’t sure if she wants to forget it or not. Amenadiel encourages Lucifer to ask her on a date.

Lucifer arrives at the crime scene (which turns out to be the set of a reality show called The Cabin) and tries to bring up the idea of a date when Ella (who is uber excited to be on said reality show set) stops and tells him and Chloe that the victim is Melinda Hagey, a contestant and front runner on the show. The victim’s cause of death was accidental drowning, but signs of a murder are present because of the struggle on the beach and a contusion on the back of her head. Chloe asks if any of the cameras happened to catch the murder, when the executive producer arrives and says that all cameras were off. Chloe tells Maury Novak, the producer, that the show is on hold until further notice. As Ella leaves with the crew to watch unaired footage, Chloe asks if Lucifer has plans. They agree to go on a date.

Back at the church in a flashback, Father Kinley show Chloe a vile that can send Lucifer back to hell. “The only person who can send him back there is you.”

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Chloe arrives at the precinct and sees Dan moving desks with another cop. He tells Chloe that Lucifer was charming at first, but after everything with Pierce (Cain), he asks her if she wonders what other secrets he is hiding.

In another flashback, Father Kinley explains to Chloe that he has been on Earth before and shows her all of the horrible things to happen, such as the Chicago Fire and the Holocaust. She resists the information; the evidence is circumstantial, and what he is saying about Lucifer isn’t the man she knows. He opens up the book and he tells her to keep looking. She still defends Lucifer, but Father Kinley persuades her thinking about Lucifer. He brings out the vile of poison and she takes it from him.

Ella is showing Lucifer and Chloe clips from The Cabin and shows one of the contestants, Judd, hours before Melinda was killed. Judd had the totem that keeps contestants safe from elimination, but Melinda stole it. They decide to go and get him, as Chloe decides he’s the villian.

Lucifer and Chloe arrive back at the set of the crime scene when they approach Judd. Chloe goes almost straight to handcuffing him, when Lucifer pulls her aside and tells her they need evidence. They hear something, and the camera man is behind them, changing a battery. Chloe yells at him to leave because it is still an active crime scene. Back with Judd, he tells them that he is a jerk only for the show, because it is the best way to win. He tells Chloe that not everyone is who they seem. Chloe and Lucifer need to now question all of the contestants.

Chloe and Lucifer are questioning all the contestants, but Chloe thinks they made no progress. Chloe asks Lucifer about the stereotypes made by history about him. He is glad they are able to discuss it and tells her he will answer any other questions she has. She asks about Pierce and other humans he has killed. She also mentions Hell and if he enjoyed torturing souls. “It was a job, Detective. Something I was forced to do. Somebody’s been reading Dante’s Inferno.” She says she did research in Rome and wanted to get his side of the story.

Maze and Linda are at Lucifer’s penthouse. Linda is full of energy and is eager to learn from Maze, but she suddenly collapses. When she comes to, Maze tells her she needs to see a doctor.

At the precinct, Lucifer shows Ella the dress he bought for Chloe and tells her about his plans to take her to the Opera. He’s worried she might be hiding something from him, but Ella assures him she is just as nervous as he is. Chloe watches from afar and holds the vile in her hand. After seeing Ella and Lucifer talk, she decides to postpone the date until further notice and until the case is finished.

Chloe meets with Father Kinley at the lighthouse, and she tells him that she is having second thoughts. She doesn’t see the monster that he describes. Father Kinley still manages to convince her that Lucifer is just acting and manipulating humans. He tells her that he is known as the “Prince of Lies,” but Chloe defends Lucifer because he has never lied to her. “What if this is the biggest lie of all?”

Chloe watches as Lucifer is handing out treats for the precinct, and he walks in with coffees for Ella and Chloe. Ella has new information about the case and as she goes to get, Chloe tells Lucifer that she marked their date on her calendar and she is still on for that night. Ella arrives with lab results and reads off what was in Melinda’s stomach before she died. What they find interesting is that there were “rum balls” that she had prior to her death that aren’t a part of the diet of survival contestants. Ella is going to ask the show if the “rum balls” were on set or part of catering.

Amenadiel arrives at the precinct and says that he has tickets to a show, but Dan denies him. Amenadiel asks about any other “male-bonding” event, but Dan says he is going to work overtime and has too much on his plate. We see Amenadiel as he tries to fit in with humans, but he can’t seem to get it right. He is worried that he made the wrong decision making Earth is home.

Chloe and Lucifer talk to Maury Novak about the “rum balls,” and he said that he was the one who gave them to her. He gave her the treats and wanted to help her win in the most entertaining way, but she refused. Lucifer gets more aggravated and tells him that he was having an affair and to admit it so he can go on his date. Chloe stops Lucifer and says that he really only cares about himself. Lucifer, upset with her statement, gives her space and walks away. Maury tells Chloe that it wasn’t him that was having the affair, but he knows who was. He shows Chloe a video of Kylie and Melinda kissing but kept it from her because filming in a bathroom is illegal.

Chloe wants to talk to Kylie, so they go to see where she is on the cameras, but they see she is not at the “axing ceremony.” Chloe eventually finds her on the cameras and sees that she is trying to blow up the cabin. Lucifer walks in, not knowing what is about to happen, but it’s too late. Kylie throws the lighter, and the cabin blows. Chloe screams in despair but suddenly, Lucifer walks out of the flames, without a scratch.

Chloe runs to him but sees him perfectly fine. He tells her that living in a”fiery pit of despair” most of his life helped. Kylie runs over and says she didn’t know anyone else was inside. In the morning, Kylie tells them that she was seeing Melinda, but one night she saw Melinda go into Maury’s cabin. When Kylie confronted her, she wouldn’t tell her the truth. Kylie got angry and pushed Melinda into the lagoon, not knowing she must have hit her head. As Kylie is taken away by a cop, Lucifer now says the case is over and they can go on their date. He tells her that he will never make her do anything she doesn’t want to do. She is still on for their date and she decides to come over.

Linda, in her office, gets a call from her doctor about the cause of her passing out earlier. She gets some very unbelievable and surprising news.

Lucifer is setting up for the date, when Chloe arrives from the elevator. He has made her favorite — grilled cheese — and he tells her that he is glad that there are no secrets between them and he will answer her inquiries. He forgets to play some music, so as he runs to do that, Chloe grabs the vile and attempts to pour it in his wine glass, when she gets scared by the music and breaks the glass. He comes back and apologizes for the volume and he tries cleaning it up but cuts himself on the glass. Chloe approaches him, distressed because she doesn’t understand how he is bleeding from the glass but was able to walk away from a burning building. “What is the difference?” she asks him. “It’s you, Detective. I’m only vulnerable when I’m close to you.”

Chloe gets a text from Ella to call her. Ella tells Chloe on the phone that the head trauma isn’t consistent with a rock. The murder weapon is square, small and has a right angle. Chloe gets an idea and heads to investigate, leaving Lucifer by himself at his penthouse.

Chloe meets with the cameraman to search his equipment. He thought someone was already arrested for Melinda’s murder but she distracts him by asking him about his job and how long he has worked for the show. She finds the battery that was used as the murder weapon as the camera man grabs an ax. Lucifer is seen watching Chloe talk to the cameraman. As Chloe stands up and attempts to pull out her gun, the cameraman stops her. He had an alliance with Melinda, and they were going to split the price money. She chose Kylie over him, and he felt that he deserved the money after all the hard work he did.

He charges at Chloe, but Lucifer runs in and takes the hit from the ax. Chloe shoots the cameraman in the leg as Lucifer takes the hit. The cameraman is arrested. Chloe goes to Lucifer and says the ax only got caught in his jacket. She puts the ax on his chest and asks him if she were to push it into his chest, would it kill him? He tells her yes and that he would put himself in danger again, knowing it might kill him.

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Amenadiel is at Lux when a woman approaches him, asking him what he likes to drink. Linda arrives and tells him, “I’m pregnant.” Amenadiel looks at her, and they smile at one another.

Chloe meets with Father Kinley again, and she says that she won’t kill Lucifer, because she doesn’t believe he is the evil monster Kinley sees him as. He tells her that she is the only one that can do it, and she says that she knows she makes him vulnerable, which Kinley neglected to tell her. She says that the fact that he is vulnerable means that he has changed.

Lucifer is playing the piano in his penthouse when he receives a text from Chloe about a make-up date. Suddenly, the door opens, and Father Kinley steps out. He tells him that there is something he needs to know about Chloe.

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