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Amanda S
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Courtesy of Dr. Mike’s Youtube Channel

For our next YouTuber spotlight, I will be talking about Doctor Mike (Mikhail “Mike” Varshavski). If you are not aware of him, he is a family medicine doctor practicing in New York City with over 3.5 million subscribers on YouTube. No matter what you are on YouTube to watch, he has a video for you, whether you want to watch a serious medical breakdown of something, you want to laugh, or you want to hear a doctor’s opinion on something going on in the medical world.

If you want a medical breakdown of something, he does “Wednesday Checkup” videos in which he talks about certain hot topics and gives his medical opinion on them. He reacts to headlines, talks about his personal experiences and opinions, and gives detailed descriptions of what something really, medically, means.

If you want to laugh, he does miscellaneous videos like his reactions to medical memes, or asking his nephews the weirdest Med School Interview questions, or even buying a “disgusting science” experiment kit and making slime snot, and simulating how the stomach works.

If you want to hear a doctors opinion, he does a “Doctor Reacts Series” in which he reacts to and breaks down popular medical dramas such as Grey’s Anatomy, The Good Doctor, Scrubs, and more. He gives nutrition advice, answers questions from the comments, and even answers medical questions from other Youtubers (like Gabbie Hanna, Ricky Dillon, and Eva).

No matter what video you watch, you are likely to come out the other side of it with more knowledge and a different perspective on something you thought you knew. Every video Doctor Mike posts is full of energy, knowledge, humor, understanding, and love. He does not try to change your opinion by frightening you, or giving biased facts, he simply presents the information and knowledge he has in the best way he knows, and is more than happy to break anything down for you.

Be sure to check out his channel here and watch my favorite video from his “Doctor Reacts” series below (he watches and reacts to an episode of The Good Doctor)

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