Saturday, June 12, 2021

Reminder: Richard Speight, Jr. Directs in ‘Lucifer’ Season 4!

Richard Speight, Jr., Courtesy of Staff Editor, Lindsey DeLuca.

The much anticipated fourth season of Lucifer has officially arrived on Netflix, the streaming platform that saved the epic television series from an untimely cancellation after its third season.

Fans of the Supernatural fandom’s beloved Richard Speight, Jr. have an added bonus to look forward to as they begin to binge season four, because he directed episode seven — “Devil Is as Devil Does.”

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Courtesy of Netflix.

Netflix’s official synopsis for the episode is:

Eve takes a more active role in her main man’s professional life. Meanwhile, Lucifer gets back to basics and Amenadiel fights for his family.

Speight has directed seven episodes of Supernatural since 2015, and this is his first episode as a guest director for Lucifer. His work on Supernatural thus far has been incredible, as his passion for directing comes across loud and clear — along with his unique and talented directorial voice. In light of that, we are certainly looking forward to seeing his skills shine on yet another show (and hoping to see more from him in the future)!

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