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Brie Larson Previously Worked With These Fellow ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Stars!

MARVEL MOVIESCAPTAIN MARVELBrie Larson Previously Worked With These Fellow 'Avengers: Endgame' Stars!
  • 13 Going on 30 was released 15 years ago on April 23, 2004.
  • The U.S release for Avengers: Endgame is April 26, 2019.

What do these two movies have in common? Mark Ruffalo and Brie Larson are in both movies! Mark was the male lead Matt Flamhaff in the romantic comedy 13 Going on 30 and Brie played one of the Six Chicks. In Avengers: Endgame Mark is Bruce Banner/Hulk and Brie is Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel.

You can see Mark’s great reaction to finding out this information below:

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Mark is not the only Avengers:Endgame star Brie has previously worked with. Back in 2013, Brie was in Don Jon with Scarlett Johansson. However, when asked by Ellen DeGeneneres, Brie forgot that she previously worked with Scarlett.

Scarlett Johansson reminds Brie Larson that they worked together in 2013. Image courtesy NBC

Here is the full video of her reaction:

Scarlett Johansson was the female lead, Barbara, in Don Jon, and Brie Larson was Monica, the male lead’s sister. In Avengers: Endgame Scarlett is Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow and Brie is Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel.

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