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Giveaway: Win Stands’ Rob Benedict Embracelet Charm!

CHARITIESGiveaway: Win Stands' Rob Benedict Embracelet Charm!

We’re doing a fun giveaway! Stands just revealed their April Embracelet Charm, which is from Rob Benedict – and it’s called the “Winchester Gospels” Charm. The charm is a book which states, “In the beginning.. Chuck created stuff.”

Here’s more from Stands about the charm:

According to the lore, in the Beginning, Chuck created Stuff.

Light. Dark. Stars… Planets with water and land and a bunch of creatures. You get the picture. It was a busy week, okay?

It’s not like he got overtime pay, so after all that Creating, He decided to take a little break and let some brave humans and a rogue angel or two do the heavy lifting. And as He reclined on a beach in Belize enjoying His retirement and a piña colada, He realized the one thing He still really needed to create was a line of exclusive charms with a portion of proceeds benefiting charity.

And lo, He did sayeth unto Stands, “Go! Maketh a charm in silver plate of 0.0555555333333 cubits, that all who gaze upon it shall focus on my early works while I chill out and try to work through my writers’ block. Don’t judge me… Writing is hard!” (Admittedly, he kind of whined that last part.)

It was no Ten Commandments, but who are we to argue with His infinite wisdom? So we did maketh this beautiful Winchester Gospels charm, and now, you can buyeth it. And because Chuck is a good and loving Chuck, when you get yours, not only will you get a higher place in the afterlife, but a portion of proceeds from every charm will support the National Stroke Association… just as He commanded it.

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The giveaway will end Wednesday, April 17. It is open to U.S. Residents only. You can enter the giveaway below!

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