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Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Murdered

PODCASTSStay Sexy & Don’t Get Murdered
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My Favorite Murder sold out the Detroit Fox Theater on Friday. True crime lovers (or “murderinos,” as we call ourselves) from all over the Mitten state flocked to the theater to see Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark talk about true crime. 

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Karen and Georgia have taken the podcast realm by storm since their start in 2016. The past three years have shown incredible growth in the popularity of the podcast and in the frequency of their (highly demanded) live shows. At an average of 19 million monthly listeners, it’s no surprise that these wonderful comedians were able to sell out the Fox Theatre and fill each of the 5,174 seats. 

Mitten Murderinos laughed, cheered, and cringed as the true crime duo told the stories of Tina Bigger and the murder in the Rattle Run Methodist Church. 

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From the recent launch of their podcast network Exactly Right, to their impending book release Stay Sexy & Don’t Get Murdered this May, it is certainly looking like 2019 will be the year for Karen and Georgia.

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