Thursday, May 19, 2022

Photos/Video: ‘Will You Accept This Rose’ Live at SF Sketchfest with Arden Myrin, Rob Benedict & More!

Will You Accept This Rose, The Bachelor podcast from Arden Myrin, was live at SF Sketchfest yesterday at the Swedish American Hall. Rob Benedict, Paget Brewster, and Bryan Safi joined Myrin, as they discussed everything Bachelor related.

Thanks to Tasha and Olivia, who provided details and photos of the event!

The venue was packed – with probably close to 100-150 people there (not sure of an exact number – but it was crowded!) Arden was the first person out. Arden played Rob’s “Bachelor Song” (which if you listened to the most recent podcast, you’ll know what that is!) as Rob danced on stage.

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They were also joined by previous cast members of The Bachelor. They talked a lot about the requirements to be on the show and what it’s like when they’re not filming, as well as what production makes them do to make the show more interesting.

They also played a game at the end, where they split into pairs and had to try to make their partners guess the word or phrase they had but it was all Bachelor phrases. You can see a bit of that below!

Take a look at the photos below! You can listen to Will You Accept This Rose here.

Courtesy of Tasha
Courtesy of Tasha
Courtesy of Olivia
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