Disney+ series About Lady Sif Rumored to be in the Works

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When Disney announced its streaming service Disney+, they also announced that they’d be developing high-budget mini-series about a few selected characters from the MCU. At the time of the announcement, the characters mostly talked about were Loki, The Winter Soldier/Falcon duo and a Scarlet Witch/Vision.

The only officially announced series is the Loki one starring Tom Hiddleston. And while there were more rumors about the Scarlet Witch and Vision series in the last week, yesterday We Got This Covered reported on a rumored fourth series for the Disney+ service.

The character the series is supposed to be based on might be a surprise to many, as their role in the MCU wasn’t big and they aren’t considered a fan-favorite (at least in the cinematic universe). After Loki, this character would be the second one from the Thor franchise, namely Lady Sif who was played by Jaimie Alexander. She was one of Thor’s companions in battle in the first two Thor films, but didn’t appear in Thor: Ragnarok (2017) out of which most of the other members of their usual posse didn’t make it alive. Furthermore, she also has appeared in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D, which makes her no newbie to the Marvel television universe.

This is merely a rumor and Disney hasn’t confirmed any other than the Loki series at this time, nevertheless it would be an interesting development to get insight into lesser known characters and a possibility for Marvel to expand their cinematic and television universe even further. Adding to that, the budget and well-known production teams promise a high-quality, cinematic realization of the stories from the comics, which will be exciting to see no matter which character they choose to portray.

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