New ‘Star Trek Discovery’ Season 2 Posters Released Ahead of Jan 17 Premiere

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Star Trek Discovery fans were treated to new Season 2 posters this week, which were just released by the Star Trek Writers Twitter.  The posters feature interesting pairings of characters from the show – Pike and Georgiou, Burnham and Spock, Stamets and Culber, and Tilly and Saru.  These pairings may point to particular story lines to be explored during the new season.

For example, the implied issues between Spock, played this season by Ethan Peck, and Burnham remained unresolved at the end of Season 1 and the return of Georgiou is bound to be problematic as Pike is completely unaware that she is not the captain he knew.


Many fans were curious about the pairing of Stamets and Culber. Dr. Hugh Culber died in Season 1 but Wilson Cruz, who played Culber, has been open about the doctor returning in Season 2 as we previously reported. Cruz tweeted out the image of himself and Anthony Rapp, who plays his partner Paul Stamets, on Jan 2. Following up not long after with a tweet teasing fans about their disbelief in his return.

In stills released by USA Today from the filming of the second season we also get a look at comedian/actress  Tig Notaro in a recurring role as Chief Engineer Denise Reno of the USS Hiawatha. Notaro’s debut is set for the first episode of the season, titled “Brother”.

Chief Engineer Denise Reno (Notaro) is rescued by Burnham, Pike, and Nahn on the USS Hiawatha in Episode one of the new season. Image courtesy USA Today.

The season premiere of Star Trek Discovery arrives on Jan. 17 on CBS.

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