‘Bad Blood’ Season 2, Episode 7: “Lupara Cosoleto”


Kim Coates as Declan in ‘Bad Blood’. Image courtesy of IMDB

In the penultimate episode of Bad Blood season two, a lot of storylines were lined up with a lead in to what is sure to be an epic battle in the final episode next week.

Declan (Kim Coates) is assessing how to get to the twins now that he knows where they live, the condo building has high security but only one garage door. Instead of him going in and getting to them, he is going to wait until they leave. Declan calls Bobby (Brandon Oakes) to start with the plan. Bobby goes into Nats (Dylan Taylor) jail cell and apologizes to him before he severely beats him.

Reggie (Ryan McDonald) seems to be getting back to his old self and is in the kitchen making eggs benedict for Twix (Ajuawak Kapashesit) and Rose (Sharon Taylor) before they go meet Declan.

At Valentina’s house, Enzo (Daniel Kash) is there holding his grandson on the phone sounding distraught talking to the cops reporting her missing. When the police are there taking his statement, he tells them she was depressed because her husband is in jail and was drunk at her sons first birthday party. As Enzo is about to leave, he gets a phone call from the prison informing him that his son is in intensive care from being beaten. He goes to rush out the door to be by his sons’ side when Declan is there pointing a gun at him. Declan tells Enzo that he holds Nats protection and if he wants his son to be safe, he will go to the RCMP and tell them everything. Enzo agrees but only if he leaves Luca out if it, Declan then texts Domenic (Louis Ferreira) telling him to come to the house in a hurry. When he gets there, Enzo tells him what happened to Nats and that he is going to tell the police everything. Domenic tells him that Nats can handle the beatings and that he will take care of the family, Enzo angrily says

“Like you took care of Val?”

Domenic has been trying to call his son, but Luca (Franco Lo Presti) is ignoring his father’s calls still upset with him for killing Valentina. He goes to his son’s place and bangs on the door until Luca answers and tells him to pack a bag. They argue about Nats and Val, Domenic tells his son he just wants him safe. While everything is happening, Luca is at the farm trying to get a hold of his father to see what to do next.

Domenic goes to see Teresa (Anna Hopkins) and Christian (Johnny Falcone) at their condo and tells them everything that is happening and says it is all because of them. He tells the twins that his brother is going to turn rat after Nats was assaulted in prison. The twins want both Enzo and Nats killed, Domenic agrees but does not want anyone touching his son. While they start talking strategy, Christian shoots and kills Domenic.

Declan drives Enzo to the RCMP and he tells Declan he hopes he kills the twins for all the problems they brought to his family. When they get there Declan tells him to go find Detective Nellie Bullock, who Enzo is familiar with.

Ken (Eric Hicks) shows Detective Bullock (Lisa Berry) a missing person’s report that Enzo filled on Valentina. Later, when Detective Bullock looks up from her desk, she is shocked to see that Enzo Cosoleto is there wanting to talk to her. She tells her Captain (Phil Luzi) that Declan came to see her and about the gift comment he made. With his lawyer Renata (Angela Asher) present Enzo says he will tell her everything she wants as soon as his son is transferred to a white-collar prison and is safe. While she is working on it a present is on her desk with an address, her captain tells her the prints matched Teresa Langana so she figures the address is to her and that is Declan’s gift. The police get to the condo and burst in, but the twins are in one of the other condos they rented beside them and sneak to the garage.

The twins get in two different vehicles and leave, with Declan, Rose and Twix following them. Teresa calls Declan and when they are talking, she hears a train, the same train she is near. She calls her brother and tells him they are being followed. Declan is shooting at Christian’s vehicle and Teresa tells Siro (Wole Daramola) to turn around so they can go help him. Declan kills Christian as his sister gets there, they have to leave Chrisitan’s body behind.

Back at Rose’s Declan is patching her arm up where she was shot, Rose kisses him and the sleep together. What they do not know is that the bikers are on her property calling Teresa saying they found them. She tells Siro to delay the helicopter and goes to deal with Declan on her own wanting to kill them all.

Tune in next week for the Bad Blood season two finale.

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