‘Bad Blood’ Season 2 Finale: “Declan’s Choice”

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Kim Coates as Declan. Image courtesy of CityTV Toronto

This week is the last episode of the season and what looks to be the showdown between Declan (Kim Coates) and Teresa (Anna Hopkins). Who will survive?

Alex (David La Haye) and the members of the Devils Kings Montreal are walking along the road on Rose’s (Sharon Taylor) property.

In the house, Declan hears the horses making noise and goes to investigate. When he walks past the door of the barn, the bikers come out and tell him if he wants to see his friends, he will drop his gun.

Ten hours earlier.

Declan brings Reggie (Ryan McDonald) to visit the grave of his sister- who is also Reggie’s mother- where he tells him that he also bought the plot for himself beside her. Reggie crouches in front of his mother’s grave and touches the ground asking if they can stay a while.

Before going back to Roses, Declan stops by a diner and tells Reggie that he bought it for him, he can serve breakfast anytime he wants. Reggie begins to pace saying he does not know anything about business then hugs his uncle excited.

Rose tells Declan that this is her last run, she thought she could do this, but with losing her nephew, she does not think so anymore.

Alex calls Declan and changes the drop off location, Teresa is there with him and tells him that she wants Declan dead. Alex reassures her that Nats (Dylan Taylor) and Enzo (Daniel Kash) are dead by the end of the day and he will kill Declan.

While in protective custody awaiting to be transferred, a member of the motorcycle club goes and stabs Nats, killing him.

Detective Bullock (Lisa Berry) gets a phone call informing her the Nats is dead, she is furious because her deal with Enzo depends on Nats safety. Ken (Eric Hicks) tells her it’s a matter of minutes, are they going to let this ruin everything she worked hard. Detective Bullock goes in to talk to Enzo and his Lawyer (Angela Asher) saying that his son is on the way to the new prison. Enzo makes sure his nephew Luca (Franco Lo Presti) is safe from everything, she reassures him he is. Enzo signs the papers and asks what they want to know; Detective Bullock leans over the table wanting to start with the twins.

Ken calls Declan to tell him that Nats is dead, and Enzo is in protective custody at a hotel. Declan tells him to find who killed Nats and that will lead them to Teresa, reminding Ken that he was handpicked for this position by him.

Luca, still waiting to hear from his father Domenic (Louis Falcone), gets a call from Teresa asking if he is alright. He says he is in charge now and that his phone is the only way to reach her.

At the hotel, Enzo’s lawyer gives him a phone to call Luca to check on him, Luca says he has not heard from his father, just Teresa. Enzo tells him he is going to prison and wants him to take care of his grandson and be safe and free. Enzo tells Luca that his father is not coming back. Later that evening while playing cards with the officer there is a knock on the door, and you hear gunshots, Enzo is dead.

Declan offers to get a crowbar that Rose needs from the shed and finds the cocaine stash that Twix (Ajuawak Kapashesit) has been stealing from him. He goes into the house angry and yells at Rose asking if she has been taking from him. Rose tells him that all that stuff belongs to Twix, Declan goes after him and threatens Twix but does not kill him because of Rose.

Detective Bullock and Ken go to see Bobby (Brandon Oakes) in jail to ask him how Nats died on his watch but he says nothing. Ken tells him that Declan sent him and proved it by mentioning the licorice he brings. Bobby tells Ken that it was the bikers that killed Nats and Ken calls Declan to tell him. As they leave the prison, they get the phone call that Enzo is dead.

When Declan does not show up to the drop with the bikers, Teresa says she will kill him herself.

Back to where the episode began in the barn on Rose’s property, Teresa has both Reggie and Rose hostage and tells Declan to get on his knees. Theresa is making him chose which one lives between them.

Declan says he will not choose and to take him. Reggie looks as Declan and smiles saying it is alright as Teresa kills him. Teresa then shoots Declan and leaves the barn. Just as Alex is going to shot Rose, Twix comes in and kills him but dies in the process. Declan manages to get up and go after them; he kills Siro (Wole Daramola) then shoots Teresa before collapsing to the ground.

With the song Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd in the background, they show us what happened to everyone after that event.

Rose tells the cops that it was her brother Twix that stole from the bikers and did everything, the day at the barn was the last time Declan saw her. Too much had happened between them for them to go back to before. Detective Nellie Bullock’s department gets shut down, and she gets sent to fraud, while Ken gets promoted. Luca and the baby are off somewhere living free and as happy as they can be.

As for Declan, he buried Reggie next to his mom, and as he looks over the city, his voiceover says,

“All this will be over when I say it’s over.”

What was your favourite moment of season two? Let us know in the comments below!

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