‘Charmed’ Season 1, Episode 5 Recap: “Other Women”

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Rupert Evans (left), Melonie Diaz (center), and Madeleine Mantock (right) in ‘Charmed.’ Image courtesy of IMDB.

Picking up where the last episode, “Exorcise Your Demons,” ended, Mel (Melonie Diaz) and Niko (Ellen Tamaki) are standing at Trip’s (Brendon Zub) grave, still having a hard time understanding how he could have killed those people and himself.

When they leave, a strange man walks up to the grave and turns to smoke, going into the ground at the headstone. Mel picks up Niko at the police station after being interviewed by the FBI, and she tells Mel that they put her on leave. As they leave, the guy with the FBI is watching them, and we see that this is the same guy from the cemetery.

During dinner, Niko tells Mel that she has been keeping something to herself about Trip’s and her mother’s deaths. Trip was doing investigation work and found connections between her mother’s death and the deaths of the people from New Orleans and Santa Fe. Mel does not want to dig into it, because she wants Niko to leave it alone and stay safe.

We learn that the man who has been following Niko around is a shapeshifter searching for missing DNA vials that Trip had. Niko goes to Trip’s fishing cabin and finds everything he had posted all over the walls, including the four DNA vials.

The shapeshifter has followed her there and has changed into Trip’s form. He asks for the vials and then attacks her when she gives them to him. Before the shapeshifter leaves, he takes out a green jar that, when broken, engulfs the whole cabin in green flames.

Mel pulls up to see the cabin on fire and runs in to save Niko. She tries to freeze the fire but is not able to. At the hospital, Mel asks Harry (Rupert Evans) why she could not freeze the fire at the cabin, and he tells her that is was hellfire, so it cannot be frozen. A nurse walks in to give Niko an injection, but Mel notices that it is the shapeshifter and uses her power. Mel calls Harry for help when her power is not really effective and, after a brief fight, the shapeshifter disappears into the vent.

They move Niko to the house to keep her safe and protected. Mel asks Harry if there is a spell that exists that could rewrite history, so as to make like she and Niko had never met. Harry goes to ask the elders and comes back with the book. There is a powerful history-rewriting spell that does exist, but it requires the power of three to work. The spell would erase everything between Mel and Niko, but this action comes with a cost that cannot be foreseen. While Macy (Madeleine Mantock) and Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) do the spell, Harry tells Mel to go say goodbye to Niko. When the spell is complete, Niko vanishes.

Macy is at work preparing for a presentation when Alastair Caine (Craig Parker), the CEO of Morningstar Biometrics, comes up to her and introduces himself and mentions that he would like to work with her. What she is unaware of is that he is a demon set out to destroy the charmed ones and to bring back the source of all evil.

Galvin (Ser’Darius Blain) comes in with a new girlfriend, Summer (Meagan Tandy), but he is not acting like himself at all. Maggie catches Macy creeping Galvin’s girlfriend on social media accounts. Upon further investigation, Maggie throws out the idea that Summer could be a demon, because she seems “too perfect.” So they call Harry for guidance, and he mentions Summer could be a succubus.

Harry has been basically living with the girls while the elders look through the Book of Shadows to see if their mother left any more secret spells. Maggie and Macy go to her works function to see if Summer is in fact a succubus. They run into them and after observing him agrees that he is not acting right.

Maggie also runs into Parker (Nick Hargrove) at the bar, and he tells her that he cannot stop thinking about her. Macy sees Galvin and Summer making out and notices an odd red mark glowing on his back. They go to Galvin’s apartment and say the spell, but nothing happens to Summer. And when Galvin comes in the room, only Macy can see the glowing red mark.

To find out what the mark means, Harry gives Macy a spell to copy it, so they can figure it out. Macy goes to see Galvin to apologize and when she hugs him, the mark copies to the paper in her hand.

Maggie is having coffee with Lucy (Natalie Hall) who is upset because Parker broke up with her. She thinks it is because he cheated on her and asks Maggie to find out who the other girl is. Maggie decides to tell her the truth — that she is the one that kissed Parker.

The shapeshifter tells the demon that he had the vials but then somehow lost them. The demon says that they are getting stronger and will take what they need from them instead of the elders, and he has his eyes on Macy.

Watch the promo for the next episode below!

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