‘Charmed’ Season 1, Episode 4 Recap: “Exorcise Your Demons”

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In the latest Charmed episode “Exorcise Your Demons,” Mel (Melonie Diaz), Macy (Madeleine Mantock), and Maggie (Sarah Jeffery) are taking shifts watching the harbinger demon in Angela (Leah Lewis). They are waiting to hear back from the elders on what to do next.

Niko (Ellen Tamaki) and her partner Trip (Brendon Zub) come to ask the sisters when was the last time they saw Angela since her mom has filled out a missing person report. While they are talking, there is a loud noise coming from the attic. As Trip is about to go check it out, a woman comes out claiming to be an interior designer and she apologizes for the loud noise from the attic remodel. Once the officers leave, she introduces herself as the elder Charity (Virginia Williams). They have come to a solution about the demon, they have to kill it with a dagger under the full moon.

Mel does not want to kill the demon possessing Angela until they know 100% that they cannot save her. In arguing with Charity, it is revealed that more elders have been killed, and that included their mother. Mel gets angry at Harry (Rupert Evans) for not telling them their mother was an elder. Charity takes Harry’s voice to stop the argument because there is no time.

Instead of doing what Charity asked her to do, Mel casts a spell to see if Angela’s soul is still inside her body. The spell works, it turns out that Angela is still alive and can be saved by a powerful exorcism but, Charity does not think it will work. Wanting to do everything she can to save Angela, Mel goes to the university with the demon in the trunk of her car to go get Maggie to help.

During lunch Trip tells Niko that he thinks the sisters are hiding something, she dismisses his concern. When Mel goes to the university to get her sister, she notices that Trip is following them. Mel uses her powers to freeze time and they drive off leaving a confused Trip behind.

They take the demon to the warehouse where the homecoming sorority float is and perform the Exorcism. When they ask the Book of Shadows for help, it goes to a blank page. When Macy arrives saying she will help, they take hands and something appears on the page. Harry mentions that prophesying was their mother’s power and new this moment would happen. Charity confirms it is a powerful exorcism spell.

Charity breaks the rules and allows them to perform the powerful spell to save Angela. Each of the sisters has to approach the demon saying their part of the spell using the power of three for it to work.

During the spell, Trip who followed them there, comes in thinking they are hurting Angela and raises his gun telling them to stop. Charity makes his gun disappear, so they can finish the spell. The spell works, and the sisters save Angela and have trapped the demon in an old paint can. Once everything is settled in the warehouse, Mel notices that Trip is dead, having been hit by debris. Charity tells them to go she will take care of it, so it does not come back to them.

As Mel holds Niko who is crying, Niko exclaims that they found Trip’s body in the warehouse and he had committed suicide. She then goes on saying that they even found evidence pointing the Halloween murders (from the previous episode) to Trip. Feeling guilty, Mel holds her girlfriend as she cries for the loss of her partner and friend.

The episode ends with Charity in an elevator with a man and he flashes his eyes at her and she changes paint cans with him.

Watch the preview for episode five below!

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