Friday, October 7, 2022

Matt Cohen Previews Behind-the-Scenes Video Diary Perk for ‘Mama Bear’

MOVIESMAMA BEARMatt Cohen Previews Behind-the-Scenes Video Diary Perk for 'Mama Bear'

Matt Cohen’s crowdfunding campaign for action-adventure short film Mama Bear is well on its way to being a reality with filming beginning this weekend. With over one-quarter of the target goal raised, Matt is offering a host of amazing perks for those who want to support his directorial debut.

Among the perks is exclusive access to Matt’s own behind-the-scenes video diary. What will the video diary entail? Matt has shared a sample of what donors who select this perk can expect:

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Behind the Scenes Video Diary from matt cohen on Vimeo.


Mama Bear will follow the female main character who has just 24 hours to save her dying four-year old in need of a liver transplant. The only viable donor is her ex-kingpin boyfriend, but that won’t stop her from saving her child’s life.

The female lead will be played by Mandy Musgrave (South of Nowhere). We will also see many familiar faces including Rob Benedict, Briana Buckmaster, Richard Speight, Jr., Jim Beaver, Jason Manns, and Adam Fergus.

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Want to learn more about Mama Bear? Check out our exclusive interview with Matt Cohen, learn all about the Indiegogo campaign, and support Matt!


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