Register for the 2019 GISH Hunt Now!

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In a move absolutely nobody saw coming, GISH announced on Twitter today that registration for the 2019 Hunt is now open – for 72 hours only!



In the video, creator of GISH, Misha Collins, promises discounts on the registration fee, as well as other perks. After checking out the link in GISH’s Tweet, it looks like there’s a lot more to it than that!

According to the GISH website, here are the perks available if you sign up now!

The 2019 Hunt will be open from July 27—August 3, 2019. To celebrate, GISH registration is open EARLY this year!

For 72 hours only, you can get signed up now for the 2019 Hunt… and when you do, you’ll receive the following incredible Perks:

  • 2018 Prices. Why risk inflation? Get your 2019 Hunt at today’s 2018 Hunt Prices!
  • 10% off the 2018 GISHPorium… Because you know you’ll need it soon.
  • An exclusive handcrafted note from Misha and a special, Secret Challenge (You do not want to miss this)!
  • 1,000 BONUS GISHPOINTS! Finally, you’ll be able to take your rightful spot on the GISH Leader Board… (Which may or may not be something we just made up.)
  • Every TOP TIER registration will also get a bonus FREE, 100% unsigned 2019 Coffee Table Book— which your kickass team will no doubt be featured prominently in. (No guarantees, of course. But we believe in you.)


Make sure to go here and sign up for the 2019 Hunt before Saturday, August 18, 2018 at noon PST when the offer ends!

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