Max Joseph Says Goodbye to MTV’s ‘Catfish’


Say it isn’t so! Catfish fans everywhere are wiping away their tears because co-host Max Joseph announced today on Twitter that it’s time for him to move away from Catfish.

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In his own words, Max says, “With Catfish still going strong after 7 seasons, 117 episodes, 31 specials, and showing no sign of slowing down, I feel it is finally time to for me to make my exit.”

You can read his full message in his Tweet below:



His co-host, Nev Schulman, also posted his thoughts here:



I’m sure I’m not the only Catfish fan absolutely devastated by this! The bromance between Nev and Max is one of the things many fans love most about the show, and it’s almost impossible to picture the next season without him in it at all!

Of course, everybody at Nerds and Beyond wishes Max well in everything he does in the future, but Catfish just won’t be the same without him! Make sure to tune in on August 22 to Max’s final episode on MTV!

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