Why MTV Should Pick Matt Cohen to Co-Host ‘Catfish’


If you didn’t hear the news earlier this week, Max Joseph, co-host of MTV’s Catfish, took to social media to announce that he’s made the decision to stop working on the show. Max and Nev go together like peanut butter and jelly, so while it’s hard to think about the series continuing without him, it’s a reality we have to face.

Nev Schulman asked on Twitter yesterday who we think would be a good co-host to work beside him on Catfish, and while there were plenty of big names suggested such as Chrissy Teigen (model, actress, and wife of John Legend) and Perez Hilton (celebrity blogger), I had a different thought altogether.

What about Matt Cohen?

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For those of you who aren’t familiar with the name, Matt is currently a regular on General Hospital, playing Dr. Griffin Munro, and is also known for his roles as Michael and Young John Winchester on the incredibly popular TV series Supernatural. Matt had recurring roles on Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Kings of Con, and How to Get Away With Murder as well.

Perhaps most relevant, though, is Matt’s recent co-host spots on Extra TV. Matt has co-hosted quite a few times in the past year, and as a viewer, he seems incredibly comfortable in front of the camera. He’s engaging, always has what seems like a genuine rapport with the other co-host, and his enthusiasm would be well-suited for a show like Catfish.

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Maybe one of the reasons he seems so easy-going shooting live like this is due to his appearances at Supernatural conventions. Matt attends several conventions a year, and as part of that, he oftentimes shares the stage with co-workers Rob Benedict and Richard Speight, Jr. for hour-long panels where the trio takes questions from the audience. Without any prior knowledge of what might be asked, Matt is more than used to thinking on his feet, and regularly has the audience engaged and in stitches with his comedic timing and witty sense of humor.

Applying this to Catfish, I think Matt would be able to roll with whatever punches are thrown his way, which sometimes happens literally when it comes to filming an episode of Catfish. He’s already proven that he’s a quick thinker and that he doesn’t have any problems relating to people from all walks of life.

Which brings me to my next point: Matt is not afraid to be in touch with his feelings. He talks eloquently about how becoming a father has changed his life, raising butterflies with his wife Mandy, and his love for Disney’s Moana. A lot of the time on Catfish, people get emotional for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s coming out to loved ones for the first time, being lied to, or finally finding the long-distance love of their life, Nev and Max provide a shoulder to cry on during almost every episode. I am absolutely certain that Matt would not only react genuinely with compassion and empathy, but he would be in his element when it comes to building people up and helping them to see their worth. Hundreds of fans can also attest to the fact that Matt gives excellent hugs, and honestly, that can’t be understated when it comes to making people feel better.

Finally, I think Matt and Nev would get along famously. One of the biggest selling points for Max and Nev co-hosting Catfish was their on-screen chemistry, and while we can’t tell for sure until they’re face-to-face, fans of both men will know they already have a lot in common. Matt uses his social media platform to encourage voting, keeping families together, and putting an end to gun violence – all things Nev has also spoken about. The pair are interested in living healthy lifestyles, which you can see scrolling through either of their Twitter feeds. They’re both what Nev calls “modern men”. They’re both first-time parents to young children and take active, hands-on roles in raising them. Nev and Matt are passionate about putting an end to stereotypical gender roles, which you can see in the video Nev posted here, as well as in photos of Matt looking incredible dressed as a cheerleader below.

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Another important point for MTV and Nev to consider is the passionate fan base Matt would bring along with him. Supernatural fans in particular are known for being very involved on social media, often trending during the airing of episodes, participating in many fund-raising campaigns, and dominating several online votes to win awards for Supernatural actors and directors alike. I think it’s fair to say that Supernatural fans would show up in droves to watch and support Matt Cohen on Catfish.

So as you can see, Matt Cohen would bring a lot to the table as a potential co-host for Catfish. He’s got the skill, the in-person experience with fans, the right disposition, the enthusiasm, the fan base, and the kind of sense of humor that’s going to have him laughing at all of Nev’s puns and dad jokes. All MTV has to do is give him a chance.

Do you think Matt would make a great co-host for Catfish? We’ve love to see what you think! Make sure to let us know by using the hashtags #MattCohen4Catfish, #Catfish, and tagging @CatfishMTV in your social media posts!

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